Cannabis has been gracing Canadians legally since October 17th and people are EXCITED. Many provinces in the country including Alberta will now be graced with cannabis stores that sell incredible cannabis related products. As the day when cannabis becomes legalized across Canada has arrived, the search for Weed MD, cannabis oil, Tincture, Calgary increases.

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As we talk about cannabis, it is important to mention that it is confirmed that Weed MD is distributing cannabis to Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis will get its supply from Weed MD and in turn, it will sell other cannabis-related products from different companies. It is being confirmed that Alberta Cannabis will sell Budderweeds products. Budderweeds is a specialty cannabis brand that carries cannabis tinctures, dried flower and a number of other craft grown flowers. Budderweeds offers its products day and night and with their premium brand, most people can benefit from high quality and potency. Budderweeds’s products will be available at Alberta Cannabis meaning that you can get access to premium cannabis at any point in time in Canada. The company ships through Canada Post and Purolator.

On the other hand, as a part of their deal with Alberta Cannabis, Weed MD has signed a supply agreement with them, which means that it will give high quality and branded cannabis to Alberta and its adult use market. Weed MD has expanded their horizons and it will be now be supplying to Alberta Cannabis, which is a powerhouse in Canada itself. This is a huge step forward but an important one for Canada, which will now get the best of cannabis from all different corners, brands and companies.

Weed MD, being a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis and oils, is a household name in the cannabis industry. This is the reason why people are now on the lookout for Weed MD, cannabis oil, Tincture, Calgary. People in Calgary are now looking for different options as to where they can get their cannabis. The day has arrived and the search for cannabis is on.


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The big news regarding Weed MD being an official supplier for Alberta Cannabis is huge and the fact that they will have Budderweeds products is a reason to rejoice further. This is because as a brand, Budderweeds is a specialty brand that offers its products across Canada. Our packages are smell proof and they come with plain label packaging, to ensure safety of our customers. As a company, we also do not share private information and since we are a premium cannabis brand, we offer every product related to cannabis including strains of craft grown flowers, vaporizer pens, high potency extracts and others. A leading brand in the cannabis sphere, Budderweeds will be catering towards the needs of the masses in Canada now that cannabis is legalized in the country.

People in Calgary can rejoice as Weed MD, cannabis oil, Tincture, Calgary is no longer a dream. Since all news regarding Weed MD being a distributor of Alberta Cannabis is true and also the news regarding Budderweeds being an official brand carried at Alberta Cannabis is also true, people living in Calgary can celebrate, as they will get access to some of the finest weed in the country.