If you are a cannabis enthusiast, we are sure you’ve heard about the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana. This is huge news for those of you in Calgary. At Budderweeds, we plan on increasing our distribution across Alberta, including in Calgary. This means that you’ll be able to purchase Aphria produced cannabis online or at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

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Alberta Cannabis and Aphria recently signed an agreement to distribute many fine products such as dried flower and cannabis oil throughout Alberta. You can purchase these products online through Alberta Cannabis or at their physical locations. Recreational users everywhere will rejoice as Aphria has long been known as a high-quality purveyor of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. If you are looking for a variety of different products, find Budderweeds products for all of your needs!

At Budderweeds, we know cannabis and we are committed to providing only the best to Canadians. Thanks to Aphria, we can help you procure the best dried flower, cannabis oil, and other forms as well as devices. See below for just some of our offerings.


Dried Flower

A longstanding, traditional form of cannabis that has been smoked for centuries. You can consume dried flower in cigarette form, also known as a joint. You can also utilize pipes, water pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices to get high with dried flower.


Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil is a relatively newer way to consume cannabis, but it has been gaining popularity across the world. In Calgary, you are able to purchase cannabis oil for recreational use. Budderweeds has a large selection of oils, varying in flavor and intensity. You can consume the oil with a vape pen, by dabbing, in foods, or even as a topical ointment. No matter what your preference, Budderweeds will have just the product for you.



Many people who don’t like to smoke or inhale cannabis choose to consume it in food form. Oils or cannabis butters are often used in the cooking process, and the result is a dish that can provide a strong, long-lasting high. Budderweeds has a variety of different edibles from hard candies to brownies and other pastries. You’ll notice the difference immediately when you consume edibles. As of October, these are legal in Calgary, and thanks to Alberta Cannabis’ deal with Aphria, you’ll be able to get great products from Budderweeds.



If you are looking to take advantage of dried flower or cannabis oil, you will need some way to consume it. Budderweeds has a vast catalogue of devices for every preference. Our collection of vape pens is sure to yield something that you will enjoy. When mixed with our fine oils, our pens will give you an excellent experience and help you reach that clean, enjoyable high. Check out your local legal dispensary today if you are looking to enjoy recreational marijuana.