Weed MD, cannabis oil, Shatter, Calgary are popular search terms now that the drug is legalized in the country. October 17th was a huge day for cannabis users for they are now able to get it with the utmost ease across Canada at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

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Since the big day has come, a step towards increasing the availability of cannabis in the country comes after Weed MD announced that it will be supplying cannabis to Alberta Cannabis. Alberta Cannabis will get all kinds of weed from Weed MD and along with that, it will also sell weed products from other brands such as BW. Alberta Cannabis, will therefore, become an all rounder brand with all kinds of weeds for its users.


This is extreme positivity for cannabis users in Canada who can now rejoice with the amount of weed available in the country. Weed MD, cannabis oil, Shatter, Calgary, are, therefore, terms that we can take together because they all go hand in hand with one another now.


Just recently, Weed MD announced that it would be entering an agreement with Alberta Cannabis in order to supply the province with premium quality branded cannabis products for adult use in Alberta. While Weed MD partnered with Alberta Cannabis, A.C. in turn announced that it would be selling cannabis from different brands including Budderweeds.


What Is Budderweeds?


Budderweeds is a cannabis brand that provides premium cannabis products across Canada. What sets us apart is the fact that we are not your average regular cannabis brand but more.


Whether it is the night or the day, Budderweeds can provide you some of the finest quality cannabis in Canada and the best part is, Budderweeds will now be more accessible through Alberta Cannabis. Alberta Cannabis is a known name in Alberta. It is an authorized body that will now bring premium quality cannabis to its users in Canada. The partnership of Weed MD with Alberta Cannabis  and then A.C. to bring forward Budderweeds’ products is just a sign and hint regarding how popular cannabis will be in Canada.

Weed MD, cannabis oil, Shatter, Calgary, therefore, are popular keywords now and rightly so because Calgary users will be able to benefit from the fact that Alberta Cannabis will be bringing forth the latest and highest quality premium cannabis to users in Calgary and across Canada.