The Best Weed Lube to Buy in 2019: Velvet Swing and Dani Pepper

As states across America shed their antiquated fears and misjudgments about cannabis, we’re seeing new and exciting products hit the web weekly. While scientists and health practitioners are busy concocting ways it can ease your aching knees and sleepless nights, I’m thrilled over what THC and CBD can do for your sex life.

I’ve adopted quite the hobby in the last few months, getting wet and dirty with some of the internet’s most famous cannabis lubes. After testing troves of products, I’ve narrowed down my top list to a stupendous few.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to two of my favorites: Velvet Swing and Dani Pepper. I’ve had some sweaty, sultry fun with these brands, and I hope by the end of this head-to-head I can convince you to try one of them for yourself.

Cannabis has landed; it’s here to stay. I say it’s time you took your relationship with the plant to the next level. Here’s how.

Why You Should Try Cannabis Lube

Stymie your preconceived notions about personal lubricants — THC-infused lube barely resembles the stuff you bought on a whim with your ex, the one that called you bunny and still drives a forklift in Nebraska. The lubrication aspect of cannabis lubes is just the blurb on the back of the box; it has hardly anything to do with the true experience.

THC- and CBD-infused sex lubes absorb into your labia and vagina. After thirty minutes to an hour, it reaches your endocannabinoid system. Here, the THC activates feelings of euphoria and body stimulation, heightening pleasure sensations, including, you guessed it, the bawdy and the orgasmic.

Cannabis lubes are either oil-based or water-based; both have their benefits, just don’t use oil-based lubes with latex condoms and toys. The best THC lubes include a limited list of ingredients; they’re all-natural and potent enough to reward your time and investment.

Men don’t feel as much of a body sensation as women because the penis doesn’t absorb at the same rate as the vulva. If your partner develops a taste for your lube — like say during oral sex — they can experience a body high from your little bottle of magic, but it won’t be as world-bending as your experience. Sorry boys. That’s why THC-infused lubes are targeted at women and couples.

Velvet Swing’s Cannabis Lube

Velvet Swing began in 2017, when two locally famous Seattle-based sex educators, Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara, met over coffee and carped about the lack of salient cannabis information and products for sexually active women and couples.

They knew from their own experience that no other extract could improve the sex lives of thousands as quickly and enjoyably as cannabis. That’s where Velvet Swing began, and today, it’s one of the top-grossing THC-infused sex lubes on the market.

This is a water-based product, which means you can use it with latex condoms and toys. Velvet Swing ships in just one size and one potency, a 3:1 blend, 100mg THC and 33mg of CBD. They researched various ways to make the cannabis molecules water-soluble and landed on Sorse, a company with various clients in the CBD and THC beverage space.

Velvet Swing doesn’t have a strong taste or smell. It isn’t flavored, but it also shirks that weedy tang so many other cannabis lubes can’t shake off. They recommend you spritz four or five times into your hands or right on your pleasure zones, then massage it in and allow the lube to soak for forty minutes.

It’s a tiny bottle, with 13ml of fluid. Yet its reputation as an enjoyable experience was by no means exaggerated. Check below in my comparison to see how much fun I had with Velvet Swing.

Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

Since Dani Pepper launched its THC-infused Orgasm Enhancement Oil, they’ve garnered a slew of positive reviews and press, and for good reason. It’s a strong brew of organic coconut oil, THC, Kava Kava root, and essential oils. They also sell a CBD-infused version that you can purchase right from their website. The CBD lube is legal in all 50 states.

I like that Dani Pepper reps female empowerment, putting their claims in line with their business. The head team is women-lead, and the lube has been engineered by this team with women at the forefront. They continue to innovate. Just this year they revamped their packaging, taking into account consumer feedback.

Even better, they’ve boosted the potency of their THC-infused lube with Nanomax technology. So not only does their product contain a whopping 250mg, or 17 mg of THC per 1ml, but they’ve repurposed the cannabinoids so that you’re body can better absorb them.

Both their THC and CBD sexual lubricants ship with the same decadent scent, sure to make you blush with titillation. Vanilla spice simmers under fresh citrus notes — rub just a drop between your fingers and you’ll crave the full experience.

The Verdict: Which One Should You Choose?

I loved my time with Velvet Swing and Dani Pepper; choosing between these two products is not easy. Out of the wide array of cannabis sex lubes I’ve experimented with, no other pair had me so enrapt in throes of pleasure. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are similar. Quite the opposite.

Velvet Swing comes heavy in the first hour, with heightened pleasure and sensitivity to touch. They consider their product more a pre-lube, and I agree. I didn’t need more than the recommended five sprays; I was more than ready for what unfolded that night.

Dani Pepper lasted much longer, which isn’t a surprise. Because it contains more than double the THC as Velvet Swing, the cannabinoids reach my pleasure centers in satisfying waves. Hands down, I haven’t orgasmed that many times since I first revealed the mystical wonders of my vibrator.

Both products utilize technology to aid in the speedy absorption of THC and CBD. Velvet Swing outsourced theirs to Sorse, and Dani Pepper developed an in-house technology, Nanomax.

Try Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to try either product. But if I was to take one home with me for keeps, it’d be Dani Pepper. I love the smell and feel of this lube, and so far no other product has brought me this close to the sweet, toe-curling pangs of nirvana.

You can buy their THC lube in recreational cannabis states. Your hometown still not cool enough to lift its cannabis ban? Then try Dani Pepper’s CBD-infused sex lube, available on their website and legally purchasable in all fifty states.

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