In today’s world, the consumption of cannabis has been gaining more popularity among its consumers who are demanding for better, easier and discreet options that are a lot healthier than the typical smoking methods. A variety of devices can now be used to vaporize flowers as well as concentrates. The form of vaping normally used requires the heating up of flavored oil, called e-liquid. Plants as well as wax can also be vaped for use.

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What is Vaping?

The process vaping basically means the inspiration of any constituent which has been heated into a vapor which is rather enjoyable and powerful. In the case of weed, wax or shatter vaping, the material is heated until the THC and other kinds of cannaboids haven’t been burned but vaporized. When one is e-vaping, they normally vaporize your seasoned propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine with some amount of nicotine added.

What is a Vape?

Vaporizing is carried out by vapes. The market has various different kinds of vapes. Some vapes can be used for all substances whereas other vapes are made particularly for specific substances. These different types include vape pens and even egos. These basically appear to be similar to oboe. They are also the cheapest ones available. This is why they are used most commonly for the purpose of e-vaping. On the other hand, mods are like a mixed type having features of both a taser and oboe. A huge part of the vaping community invests their energy on this type. Popular for their customization, they are also known for their lack of user friendliness. Other than those, weed vapes exist which may vape flower buds, wax, even both, or vape oils.

What Is Smoked in a Vape?

In a vape, people normally consume wax, weed, shatter etc. However, majority of the people smoke e-juice which has been declared permissible in 50 states. Flavored nicotine “juices” are really popular in the mod vapes. For a beginner, they begin with 0mg of nicotine and then rise up to 9mg or above. People who are new to this generally should start at low amounts of 0- 3mg.

It must be remembered that nicotine makes the vapor rather harsh and that may result in horrid coughing fits. At the same time, you might feel like you’ve been trying to take in exhaust fumes for a long time. The effects aren’t the same as that of cigarette nicotine. Therefore, in this case, a lot of nicotine isn’t hard to consume and that results in nausea and a general feeling of being sick.

How Dangerous is Vaping?

According to research, the government of the UK has declared vapes to be up to 95% less damaging than the typical tobacco products. Cigarettes are the worst form since they are metaphorically like death enfolded in paper packed with carcinogens. But vapes even so, are quite harmful. This is way the FDA has forbidden the deals and consumption to people under 18 years of age.


Vaping is all about customization which can totally overwhelm the consumers, particularly mod vaping. Therefore, it is suggested to begin slow.