As different countries are getting on board with legalizing marijuana, a lot of marijuana fans are searching for numerous ways to consume it. Some medical consumers of Cannabis in Calgary smoke the dried cannabis flower rolled up. Other medical users of Marijuana opt for the different flavoured marijuana concentrate that exists. Since October 2018 marijuana usage is legalized, anyone can easily procure from the different variants of Marijuana by Organigram from Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

Since a lot of users have gone past looking baked with a rolled up paper filled with cannabis flower in between their fingers, Organigram is offering Calgary users a vaporizer. This product may have been used by medical marijuana patients, but it can now be used by those recreational users in Calgary, and other parts of the world.


What is This Vaporizer You Have Mentioned?

Is it one of those technologies in a Sci-fi movie that would disintegrate my body mass? If I use it in Calgary, would I disintegrate from Calgary to a new location, like in teleportation?

Calm your titties!

The vaporizer is a tool currently used to enjoy the immense benefits of smoking cannabis flower, while reducing whatever drawbacks may exist.

What’s the difference between rolling the cannabis, and vaporization since both of them are smoking?

Organigram‘s vaporizer allows users to inhale the vapour of cannabis, instead of its smoke. This is used by a lot of medical users because the medicinal cannabinoids are shot straight into the bloodstream, thereby getting to the brain faster. This method of inhaling the cannabis flower removes whatever irritant that may come with the smoke.

The various vaporizers that are available currently to medical users come with discretion.

You know the smell that comes with burning marijuana has a way of irritating those, who do not fancy the smoke. Many people would love to enjoy the feeling of cannabinoids shooting into their bloodstreams, but abhor the idea of smoking.

Vaporizer solves that.

In the past, the vaporizers for your cannabis flower may be large and not easily portable, but with the Organigram‘s mission of satisfying marijuana lovers, newer and smaller models that can easily be carried around, are present.


Have you ever wondered why some people prefer shisha to cannabis flowers, not minding that the latter is medicinal? When the cannabis leaves are smoked, the flavour, terpenes, usually go unnoticed. Vaporizer makes the natural terpene flavour more noticeable by using low-temperature heat.

Note that the vaporizers here are those for the cannabis flowers, the ones for its concentrates will be discussed later.

The standard vaporizer has a heating chamber, where the flowers are placed in and applied with low temperature heat to produce the vapour.

There is the source of power supply, which are mostly rechargeable batteries, though there are some variants that can be plugged to a wall outlet. The vaporizer comes with a mouthpiece that allows the users to inhale the vapour. Though not all vaporizers allow this setting, but the ones seen in Organigram’s outlets come with a temperature control switch.

Consuming marijuana has gone past rolling the flowers, but continues to go through phases.