What are the different forms of cannabis?

  1. Fresh or dried herbal material which consist of flowers or leaves from the cannabis plant
  2. Cannabis Oil which is cannabis extract dissolved in oil and can be used to make other forms, such as edibles
  3. Chemically concentrated extracts which contain highly concentrated cannabis extract dissolved in petroleum-based solvent, such as shatter, budder, and wax
  4. Physically concentrated extracts which are loose trichomes or pressed resin from the cannabis plant, such as hash or kief
  5. Edibles, foods and drinks containing extracts of cannabis
  6. Tinctures/Sprays and these are cannabis extract dissolved in a solvent, often alcohol which can be used to make other products as well, such as edibles
  7. Creams/Salves/Liniments which involve cannabis extract preparation prepared with alcohol, oil or was and are then applied to the skin
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