From Trailer Park Buds to Budderweeds,  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis are home to a range of fantastic new cannabis brands. Because these are the only websites legally selling cannabis in Canada, it’s the place to go to try out weed. Whether you like bud, oil, or both, the Ontario Cannabis Store has a fine selection of cannabis products worth trying.

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While there are many cannabis brands available, one that has recently caught the eye is Trailer Park Buds. Those familiar with the name know this is a cannabis brand associated with popular Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys.

The brand focuses one cannabis product – pre-roll joints. This is a unique selling point, offering a product associated with a popular TV whose characters love to smoke weed. The joints feature three cannabis strains Super Bling Cowboy, Swayze Sativa and Itodaso Indica.

Another noteworthy cannabis brand coming soon to Ontario is Budderweeds. Budderweeds is an Canadian cannabis brand geared towards stoners and recreational users. With a nice selection of cannabis products Budderweeds has something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time user or cannabis connoisseur, Budderweeds has got a strain for you.

They specialise in premium quality cannabis flower and cannabis oils. Each bud is densely packed, features a distinct aroma, rich flavours, and one mighty high. They sell Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, using only the best craft grown flowers.

As a craft grown product, Budderweeds dried flower and cannabis oils are up there with the best. Every strain is grown to the exact requirements with no shortcuts using natural processes. The time and care that goes into every plant from Budderweeds results in some seriously impressive products – expect them to be a big favourite in no time.

Unlike Trailer Park Buds, Budderweeds cannabis products are available in several forms. Oils and flowers let users have complete control over how they use their weed. Whether you like rolling a joint, smoking a bong, making edibles, or using a vaporizer, Budderweeds weed is all yours.

If you’re looking to buy cannabis from either Trailer Park Buds or Budderweeds, keep in mind the different strains available. Dried flower cannabis – commonly referred to as bud – has a wide selection of strains and hybrid strains.

Each takes on unique characteristics while often sharing some from others, so keep this in mind when buying your weed.

For instance, Indica (such as Northern Lights) is a popular choice for chilling out with your friends or smoking alone. You also get Indica-dominant hybrid strains that offer slightly different highs as they combine characteristics of Sativa too.

Grape Kush is a deliciously sweet and earthy Indica-hybrid with a good amount of Sativa, producing a long-lasting head and body high.

Sativa is the other main strain and massively popular for getting a fun, euphoric high. Amnesia Haze is a beloved Sativa that puts spring in your step and smile on your face. Sativa-dominant hybrids, such as the timeless White Widow, also feature a bit of Indica but give a mostly Sativa-like high.

If you want to try cannabis that isn’t dried flower then be sure to pick up some cannabis oil. Budderweeds has a good selection of cannabis oil products that are rich in flavour and easy to consume. Oils are either ingested orally or vaporized, offering a smoke-free experience that many new weed users will appreciate.