What are your reasons for purchasing weed? Yes, we understand that you prefer to smoke it. But nowadays, there are many different strains to select from that all do different things. If you are planning to purchase cannabis oil and cannabis flowers in Barrie, we will give you some tips on where to shop.

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When searching for the best cannabis online retailer today in Barrie, you have two options. Leafs by Snoop and Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). Leafs by Snoop is a company that claimed to stock and provide the best weed at very affordable prices. Unfortunately, that’s not what most their customers think. A lot of consumers are complaining about the hefty prices Leafs by Snoop give their items. Many are annoyed because they expect their products are high-quality too, given the augmented cost.

On the other hand, there’s Budderweeds branded Cannabis at Ontario Cannabis Stores. Budderweeds is brand that you can order online from a legal dispensary that offers a wide array of cannabis oil and cannabis flowers for their clientele. The cannabis brand provides a clean place for you to shop, choose and purchase with no fear. It takes the stress out of the deal, and it allows you to stick to the rules.

Budderweeds is proud to offer the best-produced cannabis oil and flowers on legal websites. Some of the products are the following:

Cannabis Flowers

  1. Indica – The flowers and buds of an indica plant normally grow close to each other. They are stickier to touch compared to Sativa. It’s a stoner’s favorite since it’s more like a sedative. It puts your body in a deep state of relaxation.


  1. Sativa – Sativa is often consumed, cooked and dried. While most people either smoke or vaporize this strain, it’s the norm for users to utilize this to get high. You’re not going to get stoned by using it. What it does is stimulating, pick-me-up sort of effect which results in feeling happier. It can also improve your creativity, depending on the user. It’s the strain to the user if you wish to be up and active throughout the day. It boosts your energy and opens you up to new ideas.


  1. Hybrid – In modern cannabis breeding and cultivation, there are a wide number of varieties accessible. Generally, the purpose of a hybrid strain is to mix positive characteristics from different cannabis strains together. Three of the most sought-after hybrid strains are:


  • Gorilla Glue – Chocolate Diesel mixed with Chem’s Sister offer you Gorilla Glue. It takes on a strong yet attractive scent while hitting you with its effects.
  • Blue Dream – A potent cross between the ever famous classic strains Haze and Blueberry, Blue Dream is a sativa-dominantly shrouded in mystery.
  • Hawaiian Cookies – Hawaiian Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid which hit the shelves in 2014. It boasts high THC levels of 18% to 21%.

Cannabis Oil

As a CBD supplier, Budderweeds can offer everything from cannabis oil dropper to CBD capsules. Cannabidiol can offer you with a host of benefits. You’re in the ideal place to find out why and where to purchase cannabis oil.

If you want to know further information how to shop cannabis products in Barrie, you need to get in touch with us or Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today! We are your brand for the highest quality and premier cannabis oil and flowers in the market.