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This year, Canada is legalizing recreational marijuana. This is exciting news for places like Calgary, where shops are expected to open starting on October 17th. Large distributors like UP Cannabis are gearing up to bring products like cannabis oil and alcohol based tinctures to cities all through Canada. Calgary, one of the largest cities in Alberta, is expected to have many of these shops.

What is UP Cannabis?

UP CannabisAlberta Cannabis will be overseeing all of these privately owned shops. So far, thirteen distributors have been approved, one of which is UP Cannabis Inc. Up Cannabis is one of the largest distributors in Canada, and carries a variety of products. You can expect to see products like tinctures—alcohol based concentrates, and Cannabis oil, a different style of concentrate using oil instead. Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular methods of using cannabis due to its greater potency.

If you’re interested in trying cannabis for the first time, these are both great ways to introduce yourself because you can control the amount you take in more precisely. Start out small and go from there. If you don’t feel much, you can always dose out a little bit more. It’s recommended you start out with lower dose levels before trying higher ones, especially if you’re new to concentrates or cannabis.

Products like these have long since been in production for medical uses, minus the high inducing THC. For the first time in October however, it will be recreational users who finally get to legally purchase products like tinctures or cannabis oil from companies like UP Cannabis.

UP Cannabis has doubled its greenhouse space in preparation for the opening of the recreational marijuana market. Many brands are expected to make an appearance on store shelves, including a popular favourite—Budderweeds.

Budderweeds is a Canadian brand that carries numerous strains of craft grown flowers, as well as other exciting products. Different strains of cannabis have different levels of THC, the part that gives you a pleasant high, as well as CBD, the part that makes you feel relaxed and eases pain.

They are well known for high quality products, and can get you the flowers you need to make a DIY tincture, or the cannabis oil going direct to your vape pen. (They also carry the vape pens and ready-made tinctures.) If you’re new to cannabis and aren’t sure where to start, this may be a good line for you to try first. They already have a good reputation for quality, and have the added benefit of being available online.

When October 17th opens up the legal market, you can shop their online stores and get your goodies without having to search all of Calgary for the shop with the shortest line. Check out your options today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.