Tilray Cannabis Careers

Tilray Cannabis Careers

Tilray is a Canadian company which is a significant cannabis producer in Canada, and it has risen 50% more since its IPO on 19th July 2018. Although this company has opened up to the public very recently, they are the only Cannabis producer who is having a positive margin now. Tilray has its funding thoroughly planned for their next domestic and international expansion and is expected to have a facility space at 3.8 mm square feet.

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Tilray was first established in 2016 and is located at British Columbia in Canada. Tilray is a licensed Canadian company which can grow and sells Cannabis to the local medical partners. Although Tilray started selling cannabis to different medical partners since 2014, they became public only after October 2018. Tilray is a relatively new company and as of now not very famous. However, their hard work and planned financial funding, is fueling to its growth in the domestic as well as in the international market.

Tilray is gradually becoming a global leader in medicinal cannabis production which can provide safe, reliable and long-term therapy to patients. They supply the whole cannabis flower, the oil and also the capsules to medical partners, patients, physicians, governments and research institutes as well in Canada, Australia, Europe, and America.

We should now also understand how much Tilray is contributing to society and the medical industry as well. Tilray supports very types of medical trials, mainly focusing on pediatric epilepsy a, post-traumatic and related stress disorder, and chronic disruptive pulmonic diseases. In Australia also, Tilray has made their partnership with the University of Sydney and South Wales Government to help the research study with the use of medical cannabis to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting.

Tilray Cannabis is expanding domestic and international, and they are also recruiting many people to work and grow successfully. Tilray has its offices in almost all the cities in Canada, and they have considerable openings to recruitment more people to this industry. The best thing about working in this industry is that people are not needed to have much experience in this field, just because it is quite a new industry. Hence, employees can start fresh and can also use their previous skills.

Tilray Job Openings

They have varied jobs available now in various positions such as:

  1. Regional Business Manager
  2. Business Analyst
  3. HR Business Partner
  4. Global Internal Communication Manager
  5. Qualification and Metrology Technician
  6. Facility Technician
  7. Security Guard
  8. Accounting Manager
  9. Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst
  10. Tax Director
  11. System Administrator

Many people are already working in Tilray, and there are a mixed feeling and feedback about working in Tilray as an employee. Tilray is a start-up, and like all the other start-up companies, Tilray is also taking the acceptable time to adjust in the industry, thus strengthening its management in the company as well. If somebody is working in Tilray and is very passionate about the whole thing, want to learn and explore, Tilray would go the extra mile to provide the correct amount of training that is needed and would also help the employee grow.

However, for someone who is always cribbing and complaining about everything, this company is not for them. Being a start-up, there would be many issues which the employees need to adjust with; these are all the phases of a company on its way to success. Employees who are dedicated and hardworking, this industry is for them. Being new and very busy, it is exciting for the employees as well.

Tilray Ontario in a new office and its building a high culture for its employees. This start-up is building up a warm, supportive, friendly and welcoming culture for its employees. Not only this, Tilray has a significant focus on its employee’s wellbeing and employee engagement to ensure that they have a comfortable work life and a personal life balance as well. In the end, a peaceful mind makes the greatest of work.

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