Marijuana is now legal in the city of Edmonton. Starseed Medicinal is playing a huge roll, and the fact you’ll be able to buy cannabis flowers, oils and other weed related products, has got people talking.

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Although this huge change came as a shock for a lot of people, the truth is, Starseed Medicinal being involved in the recreational marijuana world and becoming an official supplier of Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

So, keeping in mind all the major events that are happening now that marijuana is finally legalized in Canada since October, let’s take a quick look at one of the main products that will definitely steal the spotlight: Cannabis flower.

Cannabis Flower throughout the years.

Marijuana hasn’t always been legal in Canada, in Edmonton or any other big city. Actually, although medical marijuana and illegal marjiunana have always been present, it isn’t until recently that an important change was made: The decision to finally legalize it.

Before any of this happened, many, many years ago, cannabis was actually used by indigenous people in south and central Asia. People used to cultivate the plant and later use it for multiple reasons.

Back then, it is believed people used cannabis flowers for its psychoactive properties, pretty much like we use it nowadays. With the only difference, of course, nobody cared whether it was legal or not.

As to how weed became so widely popular, history is a bit unclear. It is believed Arabs introduced it to Africa, then the Spanish people introduced it to Latin America and so on. Until, eventually, it arrived here, to Edmonton, Canada.

Now, although cannabis flower has been legalized in Canada and all its major cities like Calgary and Edmonton, a lot of countries still have a restriction against it.

Actually, the very first marijuana restriction dates all the way back to 1830, in Brazil, when cannabis flower was totally prohibited, and people couldn’t cultivate it or smoke it freely anymore.

But it wasn’t until 1925 that cannabis flower or marijuana was finally regulated on a international level. And it has stayed that way ever since in most countries. Not including Canada anymore, of course.

What the legalization of Cannabis Flower means.

There’s a reason why everyone keeps talking about Starseed Medicinal being involved in the weed industry: Because it matters, and because it is a huge step for Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and basically all of Canada.

With this upcoming legalization,  the market is expected to raise up like never before. And, with such a huge supplier like Starseed Medicinal, everyone is just hoping for the very best.

One thing’s for sure, BW will be there. We will provide you with the top marijuana related products with professionalism.

We are a company dedicated exclusively to satisfy your needs when it comes to getting and consuming high quality marijuana products. And we do it in a way that’s meant to be easy for you. So all you’ll have to worry about is enjoying it!

The legalization of marijuana in Edmonton and in Canada in general means big, exciting changes are happening, and we, as a company, want to be part of it along with you!