Canada has finally decided to make recreational marijuana legal, and all the major cities like Calgary are starting to receive and consuming cannabis oil, tincture, and more.

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Proof of this the alliance between Starseed Medicinal and Alberta Cannabis will supply all the providence with nothing but high quality marijuana products.

And, since Calgary is a part of Alberta, you can expect to see these products being sold in your nearby store. From Starseed Medicinal products to other brands like ours, BW, you’ll find everything you are looking for.

Starseed Medicinal: Principal supplier of Cannabis oils.

This company is well known across the country for selling medicinal marijuana, however, it is now joining Alberta Cannabis to sell their products in a less clinical environment, aiming for a different public.

Of course Calgary is one of the cities that will benefit out of this alliance, and people will be able to acquire top cannabis oil, flowers and other marijuana products right from their local store, and even over the internet!

However, Starseed Medicinal isn’t the only company that you’ll be able to find within these stores. You’ll also be able to find Budderweeds products such like tincture, oils, flowers and more. Each product being high quality.

Get ready to consume cannabis oil & tincture.

This marijuana product is well known in the world of medicinal weed, however, cannabis oil can be consumed for recreational purposes and still have great effects on whoever decides to consume it.

You see, cannabis oil is a great alternative to the weed plant simply because you can consume it without having to smoke it.

It comes in little drops and you can either consume it directly or blend it in smoothies, natural juices, whatever you want! It is extremely more discreet than having to smoke, not to mention, it’s healthier.

Let’s not forget about CBD and THC tincture, two main components that can be found in the weed flower and that can be bought separately in an oil presentation (really similar to the cannabis oil!)

Usually people who consume the THC tincture or the CBD one, are looking for a quicker “high” feeling than the regular cannabis flower or oil.

With Starseed Medicinal being the first and most important supplier of Alberta Cannabis, you can expect to see a lot of these products in all the major cities like Calgary.

Of course, you can count on Budderweeds to be available in all of your local (and internet!) stores as well. You can find our great variety of high quality marijuana products! From cannabis oil, to dried flowers, vaporizers and more, we’ve got everything for the recreational consumer! Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!