Vaping cannabis has become increasingly popular in the past years due to vaporizers being more secretive and a less persistent way of consuming cannabis while it also creates a stronger effect. Cannabis vaping is actually healthier comparative to smoking a joint, pipe, bong etc. because of its less polluting effects. There are a number of vaporizers that are available in the market that range from cheap models to expensive ones, and even some that seem like pens containing expensive cannabis oil to deliver a safe vaping experience. Most researchers suggest the vaping of marijuana opposed to smoking because of fewer health risks. But even when you vape cannabis, it is important to keep in mind that fewer cannabinoids are lost too combustion which is why they produce a stronger effect so you should still keep a check on your intake.

For beginners

Researchers have started conducting a lot of studies on cannabis due to its legalization and rapid popularity that is growing around the world. Researchers suggest that beginners be very considerate with their vaporized cannabis intake and be careful enough to not drive to avoid any accidents and DUIs even after several hours of intake. If by chance too much cannabis is consumed, users could experience vomiting, nausea or hallucinations. People reportedly favour vaping because of the more intense effect of intoxication.

According to Studies

Only with vaping does cannabis release the intoxicating compounds in a safer way than tobacco because of the absence of other harmful substances such as tar or other carcinogens that can cause damage to your health. For beginners, vaping cannabis drives a larger amount of THC into them, promoting the main intoxicant in cannabis to the extent that it may cause adverse reactions by them. The negative symptoms that were experienced by people after vaping marijuana were dryness of mouth, eye- irritation, anxiety, memory loss and even coughing. The highest dose through vaping can be 25 mg, which was reported as having adverse paranoia effects after being taken. All symptoms were visible within an hour of consuming cannabis.

Vaping these high dose caused a lot of harm in terms of motor processing neurons and their memorizing ability, even when it is smoked, it causes the same problems. The higher the dose is taken either way; it was found the THC concentration increases more in the blood through vaping than through smoking cannabis.


The increasing concerns wutg vaporizing mostly concerns the nicotine intake, which people are avoiding especially younger generations. This is why; studies show that it has become popular in middle and high school going teenagers. The tendency of younger people to go for flavored options of cannabis products has become so high that the FDA has decided to propose limitations on selling of such items. In conclusion, we can say that cannabis intake through vaping is indeed healthier relative to smoking cannabis, while its impact is considerably stronger. This is a win-win situation for cannabis smokers.