The Best Weed Strains for Mind-Blowing Sex


There is a wealth of cannabis strains out there, so it can be daunting to pick the right one for your exact needs. First, ask yourself what you’d like out of the experience. Are you anxious about being with a new partner? Did you want to explore a new kink and want to lose your inhibitions? Or did you want to feel closer with your partner? A strain high in CBD is good for anxiety and pain, while an Indica strain is right for a sense of connection. There is no perfect strain for sex as everyone’s needs are different, but we’ve narrowed down our favorites for a steamy night in the bedroom.

  1. Strawberry Cough

    Don’t be discouraged by the name; this sweet berry-flavored strain is a Sativa blend that’s fast-acting and improves focus. Looking to explore with your partner? Get lost in salacious thought with Strawberry Cough. Experiment with fetishes like power play while you ride the cerebral high, which can last up to 4 hours, giving you plenty of time to explore your deepest desires.

    Enjoy the taste and smell of strawberry with each puff. 

  2. Sour Diesel

    This Sativa-dominant strain is one of the most popular strains out there. Get energized and locked into an intense sex sesh. Set your desire on fire as your heart races with every touch. This strain will have you insatiable, asking for more.

    Aptly named, Sour Diesel tastes like gasoline with hints of musk and pine. If you can get over the taste, you can give a boost to the boudoir.

  3. Grandaddy Purple

    This indica cross has been called green Viagra. Take a journey into euphoria, and get in a dreamy state of mind with each puff. Shed your inhibitions and heighten sensations of pleasure. Take just a couple draws and wait to see how you feel. Enjoy intimate dream-like sex as you float on enhanced bodily and mental sensations.

    The taste echoes the grape and berry scent; however, don’t over-indulge as too much of this indica can leave you couch-locked.

  4. Train Wreck

    Improve your mood with this Sativa dominant hybrid. Experience your sensual side with a warm body high. Don’t get fooled by the name. While it suggests one helluva night, you’re more likely to experience intense delight in a rich bedroom romp. With a high THC content, Train Wreck is appropriate for BDSM where the potential of discomfort may be an issue.

    Trainwreck is earthy and citrusy with splashes of pine and pepper. All aboard this titillating train.

  5. Atomic Northern Lights

    This Indica majority hybrid boosts the senses. Intensify your sex with a psychedelic experience. You can really get into sensation play with this strain as your sensitivity heightens. Indulge in in your sense of touch. You’ll also feel a sense of connection with this fun strain.

    A couple of drawbacks is that Atomic Northern Lights is pungent with harsh smoke. Many prefer vaping this strain.

  6. JillyBean

    What’s on your sexual bucket list? This strain may be the key to unlock your lustful appetites. Wanna get spanked? Shed your inhibitions and get creative with this Indica dominant strain. Settle into a cerebral and body high. Take a puff and boost your confidence to try that tiny teddy. This social strain can have you talking dirty or trying your hand on roleplay.

    Enjoy kisses of mango and pineapple with each inhale. The one downside is it may cause dry eyes and cottonmouth, which is a sign you may not be getting enough vaginal lubrication. 

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New to Sex on Weed?

First timer? Incorporating cannabis into your sex life is simple. Try smoking or vaping different strains to see how your sexual drive and desire are affected. You might also want to start off playing solo so that you’re comfortable and have the freedom to experiment.

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Have a favorite lube? Let us know what works for you.

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