The Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis Tincture

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, allowing Canadians to purchase a range of cannabis products, including dried flower and tincture oils. Cannabis tinctures are becoming increasingly popular, having been a staple of the medical cannabis market, allowing patients a smokeless way to consume cannabis.

A cannabis tincture is made by extracting components of the cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, with alcohol to produce an oil substance that is easy to ingest. This oil is applied under the tongue to produce a wide range of effects similar to smoking or vaping cannabis.

In fact, cannabis tincture offers many benefits that makes it a great alternative to dried cannabis flower. Check some of these benefits out below!



Cannabis tincture is one of the fastest acting forms of cannabis consumption. After applying a few drops of tincture under the tongue, users can expect the effects to hit after a minute or two. This is much quicker than smoking and vaping, which takes around 5-10 minutes to take effect, while edibles take even longer at around 1-2 hours.



While its recommended to apply a few drops of cannabis tincture under the tongue, there are other ingestion methods available. For example, you can apply the advised dose of a few drops into any food or drink, giving users a simple way to consume cannabis that doesn’t involve smoking a joint or using a vaporizer.



A great thing about cannabis tinctures is how long they last. When kept in the right storage conditions (anywhere cool and dark) a bottle of cannabis tincture lasts for several years. This is much longer than any other cannabis product, allowing users to easily store as much tincture as needed to ensure they always have access.


Simple Dosing

Unlike other forms of cannabis consumption, cannabis tinctures offer one of the most precise dosing methods. You only apply a single drop of tincture at a time, allowing users to easily control their doses, making it a simple and effective way to get the right amount of CBD or THC.

This is unlike consuming an edible or smoking a joint, which is often difficult to control precise doses, leading many people to consume too much and feel overwhelmed from the resulting high. With tincture, the effects are immediate, so you know instantly whether you need more.



While smoking cannabis is the most common consumption method it’s certainly not for everyone. For example, the smoke produced is damaging to the respiratory system, even without the use of tobacco, while the overall taste and aroma of cannabis smoke isn’t always appealing.

With tincture, there is absolutely no smoking involved. You simply add a few drops beneath the tongue and wait for it to take effect. This means no phlegm, coughing, or other unwanted side-effects from smoking cannabis.



Cannabis flower smells potent. It’s stinky, pungent, and often off-putting to many, especially if the smell spreads throughout the house and sticks to clothes and other fabrics. Cannabis tincture is virtually scentless. A few odd smells come from the oil inside the container but it’s barely noticeable and nowhere near as strong as cannabis flower.

Discretion is important for many users, even since legalization, so having a discreet form of cannabis like with tincture is a big selling point. It doesn’t just smell less than dried flower, it’s much more discreet to consume, taking just a few seconds to apply under the tongue.


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