Cannabis tinctures are one of the main cannabis products currently available after recreational legalization in Canada. While most people are familiar with cannabis flower, tinctures are a lesser known product that not everyone fully understands, even those that have smoked weed for years. Yet, cannabis tincture offers many advantages that dried flower doesn’t, making it a worthwhile investment for cannabis consumers.

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What is Cannabis Tincture?

Cannabis tincture is a liquid solution created by extracting compounds from the cannabis plant using alcohol. It results in a thick liquid substance that is high in THC, CBD, or both. Cannabis tincture is very easy to ingest, with just a few drops applied into the mouth, avoiding the need for smoking, making it a popular choice for people that don’t want to smoke their weed.

The Advantages of Cannabis Tincture

Instant Effects

One of the most notable advantages of using cannabis tincture is how fast acting it is. Compared to other forms of consumption, namely smoking and eating edibles, tinctures are the quickest ways to get high.

A few drops of oil are placed under the tongue and the effects take minutes to arrive. A joint or vaporizer is usually the fastest way to get high, but tinctures are even quicker. Smoking takes about 5-10 minutes to hit you, while edibles are even longer at 1-2 hours. That’s before you even consider the time needed to grind the cannabis, prepare the joint or vape, and then the time to smoke.

Easy to Consume

Not everyone likes the feeling of smoke in their lungs. Vapes are less intense but are still hot and uncomfortable for many people, especially those that are new to smoking weed. Tinctures have no such problems, as they couldn’t be easier to take.

There is no need to do anything when taking cannabis tincture – just add a few drops under the tongue or add to a drink. This is ideal for people that aren’t a fan of smoking, as the tincture comes in a dropper bottle that makes consumption quick, easy, and error free.

Controlled Dosing

Cannabis effects people differently, with some getting higher than others. Controlling how much you consume is therefore very important for an enjoyable high that doesn’t feel overwhelming but being able to limit your intake with a joint or vaporizer is difficult because the effects aren’t instant.

With cannabis tincture, it’s difficult to take too much by accident. Bottles clearly label dose amounts, which are typically a few drops at a time. The effects are quick so it’s easier to know whether you need any more, so you don’t need to worry about taking too much by accident.

While this isn’t an issue for seasoned cannabis users, newer users should always ease their way into cannabis, which is why tincture is such a good starting place. You also know exactly how much THC is in each drop as it’s clearly written on the packaging!

Healthier Than Smoking

Smoking cannabis is always going to be popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest thing to do. Cannabis smoke reaches high temperatures that irritate and potentially damage the respiratory system, so avoiding it is highly recommended.

Cannabis tincture is the perfect alternative to smoking. You get the same amount of cannabis as you would from buying it as dried flower, while the high is no different, you just don’t need to smoke anything to get there.