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With museums, fine art galleries and inspiring views all around, Fremont, California is a paradise for artists, creatives and art-lovers from around the world. One of the largest art festivals along the West Coast is held there each August. The Fremont Festival of the Arts attracts nearly 400,000 people annually. There are artisanal foods available and many booths benefiting non-profit organizations.

If you are looking to take a slow, long stroll along the beach, Fremont also has you covered. Head down Cherry Street if you are looking to take a slow, long stroll along the beach. Sunset is the perfect time to get all the touristy photos of your dreams.

Perhaps it’s time for another dream to come true. Perhaps it’s time for you to try Dani Pepper’s Cannabis-Infused Lubricant.

Buy THC Lube in Fremont for Your Partner

It is going to be a lazy AF Sunday. The sunlight broke through the cracks in the blinds. I checked my phone – wow, it was almost noon. My husband and I went to a wedding yesterday and danced all night like that first night we met. It was an absolute blast, but you gotta pay the piper.

We sure aren’t as young as we were that first night. As we stretch and yawn and try to get out of bed, both of us let out deep, guttural moans.  Then we start laughing.

 “You looked great last night,” he whispers in my ear as he pulls me close. Being the little spoon feels nice. I don’t want to move from this position; I stroke his forearm and start reminiscing about our evening.  

We were out so late. We drank too much. It was at Century House, the place where we also got married. It was nice to be back there as a guest. Then he starts kissing the back of my neck, slowly. I lean deeper into him. I could stay here all day.

He starts rummaging through his nightstand. He grabs Dani Pepper’s THC-infused lubricant from the second drawer. Oh, this is perfect. He rubs it into my shoulders, and I begin to feel a tingling sensation. As he explores more of my body, I feel less sore.

In a state of deep relaxation, we have slow, passionate sex and I feel amazing afterwards. We fall back asleep and wake up when we feel like it. It was heavenly!

Buy Cannabis Lube for Your First Time in Fremont

When I met Lukas for the first time, it was at Doggy Day Care. I remember being so frustrated about my long day on set, and I just wanted to pick up my golden doodle, Emmy and head home.

When Emmy was brought out to be reunited with me, she got tangled up with another golden doodle. It turned out that they had been ‘besties’ the entire afternoon and simply could not keep their paws off each other.

I had never seen another golden doodle at this doggy day care before. Then I heard “Oscar!” and turned around to see a stone-cold fox. He apologizes for Oscar’s behaviour and I am intrigued to know more about both of them. 

Emmy won’t leave Oscar alone for even one minute! She is never this attached!

I told him that Oscar was a cute name and a very cute dog. He said thanks, and that they had just moved to the hood. 

Later on that same evening, we ran into each other while walking the dogs. We flirtatiously talked about anything and everything. When we got back to my building, I invited both of them over. Once the two dogs calmed down, we were able to heat things up between us. 

As things get more intense, I introduced him to Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube. He joked that I was quite bold, but I know he really liked that. I told him, we are just getting started…

Buy THC Lube for a One Night Stand in Fremont

I have never been to the symphony before. But, everyone from work was going – well – anyone that Gina had convinced to buy a ticket for her fundraiser. I am always into trying something new.

During intermission, Gina introduced me to her best friend, Claire. She doesn’t work for us but you can tell that she is a lot of fun, just like Gina. The two of them must go on adventures all the time.  

She is charming and pretty, with a lust for life that I can only describe as exhilarating. After the show, everyone gathers outside and talks about their favorite parts. I nod and smile, not wanting to be rude. I liked it, but, I probably won’t be coming back. It’s not really my thing.

But then, Claire says those exact words out loud! I laugh, and we start hitting it off. I ask her to go to the bar across the street. We grab a drink and dance for a few minutes. She asks “do you want to get out of here?”

I don’t give it a second thought. I say yes. Back at her place, we have a wild night that includes an introduction to Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Oil. Claire explains it is for increased sexual satisfaction, and that it is certified vegan and can be used all over. She winks at me. 

Things heat up until we both reach ultimate satisfaction. Claire lets me know that although she had a great time, she is not looking for anything serious right now. Neither am I so that works great for me!

On my way home, I order a bottle of the weed lube for myself. That truly was my “thing!” It added the perfect missing ingredient for many dates to come.

Foria Vs Dani Pepper: Fremont’s Favourite THC Lube

Fremont’s art scene and unique attractions will have you thinking of creative ways to spend your time. Whether alone or with a partner, let your fantasies guide you to explore new things, like a cannabis-infused lubricant. 

There are a lot of choices out there, including Foria’s arousal oil. However, Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube comes from a female-owned company and we are committed to your pleasure. Women come first at Dani Pepper. Combined with your imagination, it is the perfect complement for your exciting evening.  

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