The word is out and it is true, Starseed Medicinal is one of the top providers of weed and marijuana flower to Alberta Cannabis, which of course, will result in them being a provider for the city of Calgary.

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Starseed Medicinal is well known for being one of Canada’s top company when it comes to medicinal cannabis. However, due to the upcoming legalization of marijuana all over the country, they have decided to switch fields, at least for now.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor commission will start to receive marijuana flower and other products directly from Starseed Medicinal in order to be distributed all over Alberta, including, of course, Calgary.

Types of marijuana flower.

Just like there are many different types of products that come from weed, there are different types of marijuana flowers you can choose from when deciding what to smoke.

Here is a quick but effective guide of the different types of marijuana flowers that Starseed Medicinal is sending to all the stores in Calgary and all over Alberta.

1- Indica.

This is probably the most known type of marijuana flower, and the one that’s very likely everyone will get first. The indica is a long, particular looking plant we all know as weed.

They are extremely common in mountain zones, and they usually grow very, very fast. Not to mention,  when it comes to choosing the most beneficial marijuana flower, it is definitely the indica one.

They are also very well known for causing an overall high effect that affects all parts of your body at the same time. It’s a great marijuana flower to smoke if you’re looking for a real, honest experience, then smoking indica is the right choice for you.

2- Sativa.

This is also a very well known weed flower. People who smoke it are usually going after a stronger “high” effect, since that is exactly what it produces once you consume it.

The reason behind this is quite simple, the sativa flower is way higher in THC content, as well as in CBD. If you’re new to the weed world, then maybe you’d want to go for the Indica flower, rather than this one.

3- Hybrid.

Technology has made it possible to combine the best of both worlds to get nothing but the best weed product you could ever think of. However, not everyone enjoys this hybrid between Sativa and Indica, since they prefer smoking the pure product instead.

Get ready to consume more weed flower

Thanks to legalization of marijuana in Canada, big cities like Calgary and Ottawa are prepared to take on this change. Which is exactly why Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis, Cannabis will begin to take products from Starseed Medicinal.

This is a huge step, considered this company has already been selling medicinal weed for years now, and it will start to slowly be part of the recreational weed world.

Here at Budderweeds we believe in producing only the best recreational marijuana products in Canada.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada will bring out a whole new market into the biggest cities like Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and all others. And of course, Budderweeds will be a part of all of it from day one.