Solei is a recreational cannabis brand specializing in sun-grown cannabis products. Every Solei cannabis plant is grown in a green-house using the power of the sun. This means less impact on the environment and sun-kissed cannabis products that are high in quality.

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Recognizing the importance of variety, Solei strains are varied to provide a different experience. Whether low-energy or high-energy, body-highs or head-highs, Solei strains offer the perfect experience for every cannabis user.

Several Solei strains are currently available at online provincial stores, with many more expected to arrive soon. If you want to experience the best strains Solei has to offer, be sure to check your provincial store to see what’s available!

Balance from Solei is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a balanced THC (4-8%) to CBD (8-13%) ratio. The flavour is notably spicy thanks to the terpenes present in the strain, giving it a unique but pleasant profile.

If you want to enjoy a social smoke with friends then Solei’s Gather is a suitable choice. It’s high in THC at 14.- 24% but offers a euphoric and energetic high that is perfect for socializing. The bright-green buds carry a pungent musky aroma in this Savita-dominant strain from Solei.

Unplug is another Indica-dominant strain, this one being designed for unwinding and chilling after a long day. With a THC content of 17-26%, this is a very potent strain so is best left for experienced smokers. The high is a classic Indica experience, notable for feelings of relaxation and even sleepiness. It also carries a wonderful fruity aroma punctuated with berries.

Free is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is high in CBD (11-16%) and very low in THC (0.4-0.6%). This offers less of a traditional high and more of a calming experience, reducing stress and anxiety. It has a notably spicy profile while the buds are a deep green colour.

Sense is a balanced Sour Kush hybrid that has a pretty high THC content of 16-23%. Buds are bright green and coated with deep orange hairs, while the flavour profile is distinctively citrusy. It offers a creative and energetic high that enhances all the senses.

Renew is a strong and pungent Indica-dominant hybrid from Solei that seasoned smokers will love. It’s a crossbreed of Chemdawg and Alien Technology, giving a pronounced spicy profile with citrus undertones. THC content is 17-22%, so isn’t the best choice for first-time users!

Solei is only getting started with these dried flower strains – they are releasing a range of cannabis oils too! Arriving at provincial stores in the near future, Solei is producing an impressive line-up of cannabis products.

If these strains sound good to you, then keep an eye out for Budderweeds, a cannabis brand hitting stores soon. Budderweeds also offers a range of premium dried flower strains that are craft-grown to ensure the utmost quality. Not only that, Budderweeds is creating a diverse range of cannabis oils just like Solei!

Budderweeds cannabis products are arriving at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis soon, so next time you’re buying, be sure to look for them!