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Strain Name: Skunkberry

Strain Classification: Hybrid

Strain Highlights:  Got places to go and people to see? Get ‘er done with a balanced high that offers a sense of chill while keeping the engine running. Layered aromas, and flavours of berry and hash are just the beginning of this well rounded experience.Skunkberry is the hybrid cross of the strains Skunk and Blueberry. The genetic make up of the strain might seem common, but it’s not. Skunkberry has unique terpenes specific to each fine cannabis variety, and this contributes to the complexity of the strain’s effects. The onset of the buzz becomes uplifting and euphoric, the strain has the ability to melt away physical pain without being overwhelmingly sedative!

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Relax 75%
Happy 70%
Euphoric 65%
Sleep 50%
Uplifted 50%




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