Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis SAQ SQDC

Bill 157 was adopted on June 12 of this year (2018) establishing the crown provincial corporation of the SAQ or the Société Québécoise du Cannabis. This new government corporation is a subsidiary of the Société des Alcools du Quebec and is responsible for the trade of all recreational cannabis within Quebec. Now that the SAQ is official it is beginning to set up several cannabis stores around the province. While most of the original Société Québécoise du Cannabis stores will be set up in smaller towns and villages Quebec City the province’s capital will get one of the stores. At the current time another of Quebec’s larger cities Montreal will not. However, once the first SAQ stores are established and doing well the Société Québécoise du Cannabis plans to add more stores to better accommodate it’s customers so it likely that Montreal will be getting one or two stores in the future.

All Cannabis Sales in Quebec Will Run by the Government

Although several other Canadian provinces plan on allowing private businesses to sell cannabis products, Quebec has decided that only the government corporation of the SAQ will be allowed to sell cannabis products within Quebec’s borders. While this seems to bad news for private cannabis businesses, the news isn’t all bad. For example, Budderweeds a private owned brand of cannabis products will have some of their products such as their weed and cannabis oil carried and sold by the SAQ. Having the stamp of approval on the quality of Budderweeds’s products may well help their brand recognition in other areas of the country that do allow for private businesses to sell cannabis.

A Little About Budderweeds

Budderweeds designer products include, THC candies, Vaporizer pens, High potency extracts cannabis oil and marijuana. Budderweeds has become known for its high quality products that have often been referred to as “A Party in a bag.” Our customers use our non-medical cannabis both for recreation and to help relieve pain. Their products are also reasonably priced.

If you live within the province of Quebec and are looking for high quality cannabis products you can purchase Budderweeds cannabis through Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.