Red Deer hasn’t always been the most talked about city of Alberta, Canada. But since the agreement between Starseed Medicinal and Alberta Cannabis was announced, the city became a matter of interest.

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The thing is, it isn’t every day that one of the biggest companies of medicinal marijuana decides to become the top supplier for Alberta Cannabis. Knowing you’ll get top weed products like cannabis oil, dried flower, tinctures and more, is kind of a big deal.

Honestly, it isn’t just another company taking part of legalization which happened in October of the current year, it is the fact that such a HUGE company, that already sells medicinal weed, decided to take part of the recreational side of it.

This means all of the cities within the Alberta area (Red Deer, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton…) will benefit from it. Since everyone who wishes will be able to buy their very own cannabis oil, dried flower or whatever other cannabis related product they’d like to purchase.

Get to know a little bit more about Red Deer.

This city has always been relatively calm when it comes to very controversial topics like marijuana. They haven’t been necessarily with or against it, but rather extremely neutral for the most parts.

However, since the legalization of weed is here, the city is starting to prepare itself to both satisfy everyone’s expectation, but doing so in a way that’s regulated under the law.

Of course, Red Deer will benefit immediately from Starseed Medicinal, since they are part of Alberta, everyone in the city will benefit from the agreement between the huge company Starseed Medicinal and Alberta Cannabis.

But the news doesnt stop there. As a matter of fact, the city of Red Deer has already passed their very own rules to regulate the weed market within their zone, and boy, are they doing things quickly.

For example. the city of Red Deer has already established that every cannabis retailer will have to get everything checked by the municipal planning commission of the county.

The fact that this city is already planning on controlling what goes on between its walls when it comes to weed and marijuana related products like cannabis oils and dried flowers is huge.

It means they are thinking ahead and want to make everything as organized and nice as possible so the whole situation is properly regulated by government forces. It’s a hard work, but they are doing it right so far.

Not only that, as small as Red Deer might be when compared to the other cities, the fact that Starseed Medicinal will be also supplying them (as they are part of Alberta) brings great news to everyone who enjoys marijuana in the city.

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