Lets Talk About Micro-Dosing

by: Brittany Driver

Micro-dosing is a responsible way for a first timer to experiment with edibles or for someone with low tolerance to be able to utilize edibles without fear of overdoing it. It is also a way to help make sure that, should you need to use edibles medicinally, you are able to choose a dose of cannabis that heals what ails you without making it impossible (and hilarious) for you to function in your everyday life.

Whether you are new to cannabis, learning just how much you truly need to have a good time or a medical patient trying to make wise choices when it comes to dosing your edible intake during daytime activities, micro-dosing can help you achieve your goal.

What Is Micro-dosing And Why Do People Do It?

For our purposes, micro-dosing is using small amounts of cannabis-infused edibles. Often this is done with the purpose of producing a pleasurable result but not creating an overwhelming “stoned” body high. Micro-dosing allows the consumer to truly “start low and go slow”, beginning with a low dose and adding similarly low doses until their desired result is achieved.

People who do not ever use cannabis shouldn’t start off with a 25 mg serving. That’s too much for some daily cannabis smokers, someone with no tolerance for marijuana might not react well to a 25 mg serving.

People who want to use pot recreationally or medicinally, but also want to do so maybe while they are on a conference call or at the PTA Meeting or at the family reunion, can micro-dose to ensure they relax but that they don’t, you know, feel like melting into a beautiful, warm puddle on the floor. Lastly, medical patients who want to use cannabis as a painkiller of sorts don’t necessarily need that 10 mg serving that might help them sleep but instead, could use a 2.5 mg serving twice a day to calm those aches and pains.


Why Now?

The edibles market is bursting with tasty treats starting at 50 mg or 100 mg THC. For someone that hasn’t used marijuana in a long time, or maybe even ever, consuming even half of a 50mg cannabis edible could be a disaster. No one is going to set fire to anything, but overdoing it on edibles is rarely a pleasant experience. Waste your money on munchies, not on a 50 mg brownie that is going to knock your newbie cousin on his butt when he comes home from college for Christmas for a visit. Treat your cousin right and grab him a bag of 5mg candies instead so he can actually enjoy the ride.


That’s not to say that micro-dosing is for everyone.


Some users of cannabis, whether medical or recreational, need more than what a micro-dose can provide. That’s okay because almost every other edible in the market caters to a customer looking for a higher dose. But it is only fair that those in need of lower doses are able to purchase the products they need to safely take a smaller dose and know exactly how much they are consuming, rather than cutting a section from a larger edible and guessing.


Micro-dosing takes out the guesswork.


Where Can I Find Micro-Dosed Edibles?

There are a few companies that offer micro-dosed edibles in the cannabis industry, with only a handful of those companies based in Canada. Inspired by the necessity of a universally low dosed edible, Budderweeds.com decided to create a line of micro-dosed treats for consumers that will be available upon legalization of edibles in 2019. In fact, in addition to the 10 mg edibles the company will offer, they will also have a line of edibles measuring in at just 5 mg per serving. So those of you who need 15 mg, because 20 mg sends you straight into the couch, Budderweeds will have that 5mg product you need.


Our 5 mg edible offerings will include Gumballs, Jelly Beans, Sour Sasquatch Feet and Sour Jack and Cokes. 10 mg offerings Dutch Double Salt Licorice, Gummy Bait, Minty Petals, Rainbow Licorice Rope, Small Sour Keys, Soft Black Licorice and Soft Red Licorice.


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