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Feeling a bit overwhelmed? For someone new to the legal market it can sometimes seem like you have “too much” choice! Let us explain!

The reason cannabis flower is divided into categories is to differentiate between the effects and cannabinoid content of the plants. Mainly, cannabis is divided into three categories: indicasativa and hybrid

Even a strain called cannabis ruderalis exists but it has no ‘high effect’ which is associated with the other strains.

Indicas and sativas both have that psychoactive high effect. However, cannabis users and growers may sometimes have a hard time differentiating between the effects. This has to do because of where indicas and sativas originated from. Indicas originated in colder areas like Afghanistan. Whereas sativas originated in hot and humid places.

Difference Between Indicas And Sativas

Indicas are also known informally as ‘in da couch’ by stoners. Indicas have a great sedating effect. The feeling is more commonly like sinking into a couch, hence the informal nickname ‘in da couch’ emerged. Indicas are great for when you want to relax while watching a movie or listening to songs. They help you calm your mind and body and gets rid of the stress you carry. You can even use indicas with the help of a vaporizer by Budderweeds.

Indicas stems are short and stocky. The leaves are flat with dense foliage. Indicas are also mainly bred for hashish. These plants adapt to harsh environments. Plus, indicas plants tend to grow very quickly, reaching full maturity in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Some common pure indica strains are God’s Gift and Hindu Kush.

Sativa plants, on the other hand, have invigorating cerebral effects. They are great to be used when there are social gatherings. Since they originated in sunnier climates, these plants can grow up to 18 feet tall and have long skinny leaves. A few pure sativa strains which are common are Ghost Train Haze, Chernobyl, Durban Poison and Panama Red.

Indicas and sativas are usually smoked in a dried flower form, known commonly as weed, bud, or just straight up cannabis. That is the most common form of Cannabis on sale and easily available. You can even find them in cannabis-based shops or you can buy cannabis online. Even cannabis oil is available online but they can be a bit expensive.

If you’re looking for indica or sativa dried flowers or hybrids or even cannabis oil, there are loads of places to buy marijuana online.


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