Looking for THC Lube in San Diego?

If you desire sand and surf during the day and so much more at night, San Diego is the place for you! Breathtaking natural beauty awaits you at surreal places such as Coastal Canyon, Mission Beach or La Jolla Shores.

Your dining and entertainment options are endless in San Diego. Anything you can think of is here. You might even find yourself exploring things you haven’t thought of either.

Perhaps this will be the time you try Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Oil.

Buy THC Lube in San Diego for Your Partner

My husband is a diehard Marvel Comic Universe fan. For our anniversary this year, I bought tickets to San Diego Comic-Con, and it was just around the corner.

I had a surprise for him. He had no idea, but, I was planning to cosplay as one of his favorite characters. When he got home from work last night, I was planning my test run. I had kept my costume pieces in the bottom drawer of my nightstand—somewhere I know he never looks.

When he walked into our bedroom, I was only about halfway dressed. I decided to go with it and goofily posed.

He laughed and laughed, but upon realizing that I was serious, got very excited. He said to give him one minute, and then began rummaging through his nightstand.

He showed me a notebook filled with drawings of his cosplay ideas. We started planning out the most epic couple cosplay, playfully poking each other as we talked about it. The poking turned to stroking each others’ arms which led to making out. We cleared the bed.

As he tucked the notebook into the nightstand, I asked him if we had any more Dani Pepper Cannabis Lube. He winked at me, grabbed the weed lube and a condom. After some light foreplay, the Dani Pepper had made me so relaxed that I wanted to try some new positions.

“You’re full of surprises today” my husband purred.

“Just keep up,” I tell him.

We have an explosive evening. If this is just the pre-show, I can’t wait for what happens after we go to SDCC for real!

Buy Cannabis Lube for Your First Time in San Diego

About a month after my bestie moved to San Diego, I visited her for the weekend.

On Saturday morning I met her at her new place. It was a nice one bedroom in the East Village. I dropped off my bag and then we headed to Balboa Park for the day.

We started at Inspiration Point. I asked a hot stranger if he would take our photo. He agreed.

Sarah and I posed in our classic pose—a tight hug and big smiles. The stranger started laughing and asked us to pose more naturally.

We started laughing too, and, just at that moment, he snapped our pic! Then, when we got a little peeved, he took our photo again! Then, he took a selfie! When he passed my phone back, I asked, “Who do you think you are?”

He responded, “I think I’m Chris.”

We all laughed and it turned out that he was visiting for the weekend too. He explained that he was waiting for his brother Patrick. About 30 seconds later, Patrick shows up and they share a macho bro-hug that made Sarah and I giggle.  

The four of us started talking and since it turned out that we had similar plans for the day, we decided to stick together. Chris kept me laughing all day. We exchanged numbers when we left the park, and he let me know he is staying at a hotel.

Back at Sarah’s place, she could tell that I am distracted by thoughts of Chris and encouraged me to ask him out. He said yes!

She helped me get ready for the date and even let me borrow her silky black dress. As I am heading out the door, she passes me Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube and before I can ask anything about it she says, “Just trust me.”

And I did. Chris and I have a fantastic date, followed by a fantastic time back at his hotel room, aided by the heat of Dani Pepper.

Fast forward to yesterday. It’s two years later and Chris and I have returned to Inspiration Point for an anniversary hike. First step: ask a stranger to take our picture.

Buy THC Lube for a One Night Stand in San Diego

I love living in Seaport Village. I don’t need to drive anywhere, and the breeze is divine.

Living a block away from the beach helps you focus on what is important in life. I pack light wherever I go. I just need a water bottle, a small blanket to sit on, my sketchbook and my best pens. With these essentials, I could be out all day.

Last night, at dusk, I was sketching near the Embracing Peace statue. I was inspired by all the touristy couples re-enacting the classic kissing pose in front of it. Then, I saw an intriguing gentleman sitting by himself near the statue. He was sketching too!

I did not want to spook him, but he noticed me staring. I held up my sketchbook and he knowingly smiled back at me. I walked over, and he made space on the bench.

We didn’t say a word to each other and both of us kept sketching. When I worked up the courage to say hi, he didn’t say a thing. Instead, he showed me his sketchbook, and it was a portrait of myself.

I was stunned.

We started flirting, not with words, but with our sketches. As they got hotter, we got up and walked along the coast until we found a private place. I put down my blanket; we started making out. We still didn’t even know each others’ names.

He had a big backpack and shared all his treats with me. He had the freshest grapes I ever tasted. He also introduced me to Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube. This THC-infused love potion had me experiencing new sensations that took me over the edge more quickly than I could ever imagine.

I never saw him again. But I did pick up my own bottle of weed lube. It’s my newest essential item!

Foria Vs Dani Pepper: San Diego’s Favourite THC Lube

Surfing in San Diego will make you feel free—free to unwind into your wildest fantasies. Whether exploring a new place or re-igniting the love you have for an old favorite, Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube is just what you need to turn up the heat.

Dani Pepper is a weed lube similar to Foria’s Arousal Oil. They both provide sensational relief and increased sexual desire.

Dani Pepper is a company is owned by women, and your satisfaction is achingly important to us. Add a little heat to your life today. 

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