In the past residents of Edmonton have had to look on in envy as other cities across Canada have allowed cannabis. Fortunately, legislation has passed on October 17, 2018 that will allow for legal recreational cannabis across the country. This includes the province of Alberta, home to the great cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis will work in conjunction with Aphria to distribute cannabis across the country. Budderweeds is excited about this, as we are teaming with Aphria and Alberta Cannabis in order to make our products widely available. This includes our diverse dried flower strains and high-potency cannabis oil.

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What Legalization Means


Now that the recreational legislation has gone into effect, cannabis enthusiasts across Canada are in for a treat. Legalization means that different strains of cannabis will be available everywhere, including Edmonton. This makes it safer and more fun to consume, as regulations allow for only the highest quality product. This reduces the risks that come with cannabis that has to be obtained illegally. It applies to dried flower as well as cannabis oil, so smokers of every preference will benefit.


Because Alberta Cannabis will allow Aphria to distribute through them, it will be easier to obtain cannabis. In Edmonton, users can purchase cannabis online through Alberta Cannabis. At Budderweeds, we offer high-quality product because we work with Aphria to ensure the quality of our cannabis, the benefits are passed on to you.


Budderweeds in Edmonton


We take our time to ensure that all of our strains of dried flower are of the highest quality. If you are a more modern cannabis enthusiast, we have a wide range of cannabis oils available. These can be chosen by flavor, potency, and strain. If you are just getting into the world of oils, we can help you find the product for your consumption.


The legalization of recreational marijuana  is upon us. Whether you consume cannabis to relieve pain or to have more fun at parties, we have a product for you, we believe that Budderweeds products are superior to the competition, and we want to prove it to you. Our products can be purchased through online stores of Alberta Cannabis.