On October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis became legal throughout Canada. This legalization applies to all provinces, including Alberta. Many stores are open and selling recreational cannabis products such as dried flower and cannabis oil. Alberta Cannabis will sell these products at their privately-run stores as well.  They will carry products from Budderweeds, which is known for their high-quality dried flower and cannabis oil. Aphria will also distribute through these stores, including throughout Calgary.

Historic Cannabis Bill C-45 Passes in Canadian Senate

About Budderweeds


Budderweeds is a Canadian cannabis brand that specializes in producing premium cannabis products for across Canada. We are committed to providing the best products that can be produced. You can purchase and enjoy our dried flower and cannabis oil at Alberta Cannabis stores.


At Budderweeds, we offer a wide array of recreational cannabis products. Whether you are looking for designer flower strains or cannabis oils in Calgary, we have the product for you. We can also facilitate your needs with a variety of vaporizer pens and other devices. With our new agreement with Alberta Cannabis and the help of Aphria, we will soon be able to provide you with even more products at a higher ease of use.


About Aphria


Aphria is a cannabis company that has been providing Calgary and other regions of Canada with high quality cannabis. They produce high-quality medical and recreational products for a multitude of purposes. They are based in Leamington, ON, but remain committed to providing these cannabis products for the entirety of the country of Canada.


With the signing of this agreement with Alberta Cannabis, Aphria is now able to expand their production. These offerings will soon be available throughout the entire country, and they will be more easily accessible than they ever were before. Whether you are in Calgary or another part of Canada, you can take advantage of this new agreement.

Alberta Cannabis will work heavily with Aphria to make distrubtion and purchase of legal cannabis quick and convenient. Every recreational or medical cannabis user will benefit from this agreement and full legalization. Cannabis products can be purchased through Alberta Cannabis’ privately-run online store at albertacannabis.org or Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. These products will either be delivered by Canada Post or by Purolator.