The Best Cannabis Lube of 2019: Kush Queen vs Dani Pepper

It seems like every consumer niche has their reticules set on cannabis. Just the other day I saw an advertisement for THC-infused nail polish. Seriously? There’s no doubt that cannabis has untapped potential, but with this potential comes a slew of products that don’t quite hit the mark. 

Unwitting customers can buy THC- or CBD-based products without knowing if they work. This has certainly been the case with cannabis-infused sexual lubricants. With dozens of devious lubricants vying for your attention, it’s impossible to try them all. 

Which is where I come in. In the past year, I’ve tried many of the THC and CBD lubricants on the market. Today, we’re going to look at two of my favorites, Kush Queen’s Ignite and Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

First, a little background. You can purchase CBD sex lubes from these two companies anywhere in the US, and their THC versions are left to the whims of State regulators. 

Anecdotal customer reviews aren’t too far from my own experiences. CBD lube boasts relaxation benefits. And the THC varieties provide a body high. The chances of higher intensity orgasms will come from a THC lube. And those who need to de-stress or who worry about painful intercourse will find just the right grist in CBD lubes.  

Why Try Cannabis Lube? 

Like any lube, cannabis or hemp-based products slick whatever surface you’ve applied it to. But the real reason you buy these products isn’t for this basic function. For the real effect, you need to wait. 

Admittedly, this can be a downside to cannabis lubes, especially when you’re hastily unbuttoning shirts and unbuckling belts. It doesn’t mean you have to plan too much, but it will take a little extra effort. Most THC or CBD lubes kick in around the thirty-minute mark, some upwards of an hour. Trust me, it’s worth it.  

Cannabis lubes with THC can either be 100% THC or a mixture of THC and CBD, such as 3:1. CBD lubes, on the other hand, are usually an isolate, meaning they contain nothing from the cannabis or hemp plant but CBD.

What I’m really looking for in a favorite THC-infused sex lubricant is what’s not stated on the bottle. Like you, I want to know how it feels, smells, and, depending on your amorous proclivities, how it tastes. Even more important, is the result — how’s the sex on the best cannabis lubes on the internet differ from your average romp through the jungles of love? 

Side note: Men won’t feel a THC-infused lube as much as women because the penis doesn’t absorb as well as the vagina and vulva. You could, if bold enough, try some on your rectum. It may be weird at first, but anyone I’ve convinced to try it soon finds it a mainstay of their sexual repertoire.  

Kush Queen’s Ignite Lube

Kush Queen has been in the THC and CBD space since 2017, when founder and cannabis magnate Olivia Alexander, frustrated with the lack of female representation in the industry, mustered her resources and released the company’s first line of products dedicated to wellness and female empowerment. 

Kush Queen sells two cannabis lubricants under the same moniker — Ignite. One is a cannabis-infused 3:1 THC to CBD lube, and the other is a straight CBD Lube. Both are latex-safe and both contain 30mg of cannabis compound. 

It’s nice to see that Kush Queen has altered its raw THC extract with a proprietary technique called the Amplify Nanotechnology. Kush Queen has stated that their personal lubes boasts instantaneous results, but that wasn’t the case with me. It took about forty minutes for the warming, tingly effects to radiate throughout my partner and I’s pleasure zones. 

I’m okay with that because every cannabis lube I’ve tried seems to take around that amount of time. What I found less appealing was the scent. It has a musty plant smell, like a cannabis spray you’d buy for oral consumption. The plus side is that it’s water-based, meaning you can use latex condoms and toys with this lube. 

Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

Dani Pepper is women-owned and operated and, like Kush Queen, approach cannabis from a female-oriented perspective. They’ve fostered a thriving community, including a curated blog stuffed with informative articles on how cannabis can improve not just your sex life, but your work life and personal relationships.

They offer a THC-based lube and a CBD-based lube. The first thing I noticed when I took the bottle out of its recyclable packaging was that it contains eight times the amount of THC than Kush Queen. Eight!

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for Dani Pepper’s Nanomax technology which reformulates the natural THC and CBD compounds, boosting how much your skin can absorb in a single dose. That means, at least on paper, you’ll feel more from a single pump of Dani Pepper than Kush Queen. 

The ingredients in this lube had some compelling additions. The biggest one was the Kava Kava root extract. This healthful African plant derives from pepper varietals and acts as an endocannabinoid stimulator, essentially amplifying the effects of the lube. 

Getting on to the experience; after rubbing the first pump into my hands, I was overjoyed by the smell, with had rich and spicy notes of orange blossom and vanilla. As with Kush Queen, you need to wait upwards of thirty minutes to experience the full effects. 

Comparing the Experience of Kush Queen with Dani Pepper

After taking these products home to test and enjoy, I admit they’re both in the top echelon of cannabis lubes. I like that Kush Queen’s Ignite is latex-safe. And if this was a comparison of sex lubricants as a whole, it’d be one of my top picks. 

My issue with Kush Queen, however, is that the effects are minimal, doubly so when compared directly with Dani Pepper’s lubricants. 

The smell and feel of Dani Pepper’s products raise it above Kush Queen. The aromatic essential oils stimulated my senses, and that stimulation was redoubled during the amorous act. 

Thinking back on the experience with Dani Pepper’s THC lube, I was floored by how penetrating the sensation felt — their sex lube didn’t just intensify my orgasms, it added another dimension to the experience. 

That being said, I don’t think a cannabis sex lube is something you’d want to include in every sexual escapade. It was a treat, and one I recommend, but it was intense enough, at least for me, to signify a special occasion, or on a night where you need a little boost to get into the mood. 

Try Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

Having spent some personal time with Kush Queen and Dani Pepper, digging through the details and sussing out the sexy stuff, I’ve got to go with Dani Pepper’s sex lube. 

It’s packed with more THC than most brands on the market, upwards of eight times more, and the smell and texture of the oil matched its sensual pleasures. 

You can find Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil on their website. They ship their CBD version nation-wide; their THC lube can be purchased in cannabis legal states, like California. 

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