Interested in THC Lube in Glendale, California?

A stone’s throw from Pasadena, Glendale is a quiet community with fantastic shopping, small parks, and perfect little hideaways. Take a few minutes to stop and smell the roses by enjoying one of Glendale’s many parks. Finding your oasis will keep you coming back for more.

 While in Glendale, you might find yourself exploring a little bit more than just the city limits. Head on over to the Crystal Springs Picnic Area for a stunning view of the Los Angeles River.

 You might find that once you have a moment to collect your thoughts; you will start to fantasize about something special.

Something like Dani Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Infused Lube. This pure formula will have you coming back again and again.

Buy THC Lube in Glendale for Your Partner

We had a big fight last night. I was still red hot this morning. But tonight is different. I feel the tingle. The one that attracted me to him in the first place.

It started with surprise number 1 – a little love note next to the coffee. It said, ‘Hi Baby, hope you have a great day. Meet me tonight where we first kissed.’

My mood instantly shifted. Which was good since I was dreading going into the office today. I decided to pack my cute blue dress. I excitedly worked through my massive pile of paperwork. At 5:00 I ran to the bathroom, changed into my dress and headed to The Neon Museum.

When I arrived, he was standing outside with surprise number 2 – my favorite snack: a Portobello Pepperoni Caps from Pizza Boy. I thank him, kiss him on the cheek and we immediately scarf them down.

We go for a tour of the museum, holding hands and taking silly photos the whole time. As we giggled, everything started to feel lighter. We decided to walk home.

There is a lovely breeze and we had cooled off enough to talk more calmly. We discuss our best solutions moving forward, as well as how we were going to make up for last night. I mention wanting to be a little bit extra wild tonight.

Then   Dani Pepper’s THC Lube out of his pocket. This was the weed lube that our friends were talking about at brunch last weekend!

I am so excited to finally have my hands on some, and I can’t wait to get my hands all over him.

Buy Cannabis Lube for Your First Time in Glendale

I tried something new yesterday. Something that requires me to step outside my comfort zone. Something that fills me with anticipation. I needed to keep this a dark secret, and I wasn’t sure what my friends would think.

I signed up for Improv Comedy Class, Tuesdays at Second City from 6:30 to 10. The first class was yesterday. We played games and laughed; it wasn’t that bad. After class, the loudest gal invited everyone to a bar nearby. I tag along.

At the bar, that same gal is telling everyone about her latest sexcapade. I am hanging on her every word – and she mentions Dani Pepper’s thc infused oil.  

“It was the greatest orgasm I ever had!” she screams in the middle of the bar and everyone stares. I pretend to be embarrassed, but I am secretly excited by the attention.

Her and I end up being the last two at the bar. I ask her to tell me more about the weed lube. She tells me she grabbed a few bottles that day to give to her friends this weekend. She offers me a bottle – I agree to take it on the condition I buy the next round of drinks.

I got home so late – and the cab was so expensive. But I’m super tingly from my night out. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and it had paid off. I dared to step further.

I opened the seal of the Dani Pepper oil. I am immediately intrigued by the smell. I pump some onto my fingers and begin to explore my body. I love this mix of a new sensation with my own familiar touch.

I bring myself to completion pretty quickly and pass out on my couch, without Netflix on the screen. Now, I can’t wait to report on this next week!

Buy THC Lube for a One Night Stand in Glendale

Last Sunday, I arrived at Street Food Cinema early to get the perfect viewing spot. I could be a professional outdoor event goer. I love squeezing out each drop out of summer. I have a perfect bag of goodies. Blanket. Inflatable pillow. CBD edibles. Wet wipes. Lip Balm. Snacks.

I set up my zone. I am ready for lounging at the nostalgia of my favorite movie! During the best song of the film, I hear someone singing along, badly. I couldn’t see them, but I turned around to scold them with the loudest SHHH I could manage.

A few people clap quietly. I am thankful that I don’t hear the voice again. The movie is over and credits roll. People are cheering and starting to collect their things.

I pack up my bag and, as I am heading out, bump into this tall and dude with my preferred haircut. It is not a common style, but, I admire a guy who can pull it off.

“Sorry!” we both exclaim.

We laugh and introduce ourselves. We talked about the movie and then he says – I enjoyed myself, but probably would have had more fun had I not been shushed. I thought it was meant to be a sing-a-long!

My face was likely pretty priceless in that moment. I decided to bite the bullet and tell him that it was me. I also said, “I’m sorry, but you were really, really bad.”

I immediately regretted throwing that part in. But, surprisingly, he was into my honesty. We kept flirting. Turns out that even though he is a bad singer, he is a phenomenal kisser. As things get steamy, he invites me over to his place.

At his house, I rummage through my bag of goodies and find my Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Oil.

“Rub some on my back,” I command him. He happily obliges. I continue to tell him what I want, and he continues to listen. Things escalate to the point of no return. As I scream in ecstasy, he is the one telling me to shush. I don’t care—let the neighbors hear!

Foria Vs Dani Pepper: Glendale’s Favourite THC Lube

Glendale seems like a quiet place, but there are a lot of hidden thrills just waiting for you to discover! Whether exploring Glendale for the first time or reigniting the flame with your partner, you will find a new joy by adding  Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube!

Weed lubes are an exciting new product, and Dani Pepper isn’t the only THC lube on the market. Similar to Foria’s Arousal Oil, Dani Pepper addresses decreased tension, dryness relief, and heightened sexual desire.

However, Dani Pepper is female-owned. We’re proud of our overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. At Dani Pepper, women always come first.

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