How Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

How Weed Can Improve your Sex Life

Viagra, Aphrodisiacs, Sex dust, Ecstasy and alcohol can move aside. Weed is the new tool for enhancing your sex life. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states across the USA and it’s now available in multiple forms. There are so many different ways that you can experiment and enjoy weed in your life! You can by edibles, pills, tinctures and massage oils. We’re most interested in LUBE and SUPPOSITORIES. Yes, weed can now help you improve your sex life, and here are some great tips.

Cannabis and Anal Sex

  1. Relax as much possible, psychologically and physically. If you are tense, your anus will be tense. You can use massage, music, incense, and any indica (or a strong indica hybrid) excellent for this.
  2. The wetter the better. You can never use too much lube. This Dani Pepper THC Infused Lube is perfect to use
  3. Go slow. The entire process should take 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Use a suppository for enhanced pleasure and reduced pain. Discreetly Baked have the best Cannabis Suppositories for you!
  5. Enjoy Yourself


What is Cannabis Lube?

Cannabis Lube contains minimal psychoactive effects, so it’s not likely to get you high, however, it is possible.

Applying cannabis to your skin, vagina, or other vascular tissue is tough to get high from because your skin is a natural barrier meant to keep things out. Our experts say that the exception to this would be a topical compound with cannabis in it designed to traverse the skin barrier, or when you engage in anal sex because of the high number of blood vessels.

Cannabis lube works through a process called microcapillary dilation. Tiny areas of capillaries that flush with blood, it’s the same reason your eyes flush red when you smoke. This affects areas that are highly vascular: like areolas, clitorises, glans, and vaginas. These areas tend to have very highly vascularized anatomy in comparison to penises and scrotums. There’s a lot of density around the glans but not as much along the shaft.

Cannabis lube should be applied to the erectile tissue of your choice 20 minutes before sex. So if you have the patience then do it! Weed lube is not for the impatient; its effects begin around the 20-minute mark and reach their height at about 40 minutes.

Using Cannabis Suppositories

Discreetly Baked Suppositories are made with THC and CBD isolate from organically grown hemp and organic sunflower lecithin. THC helps to enhance blood flow and reduce pain, whilst CBD promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety!

There’s no magic capsule that will make anal sex via penis or dildo 100% easy and painless. To start with, you should insert the suppository and let it sit for 15 minutes before adding lubrication or anything else up there. After washing your hands, and inserting the suppository, let your body feel it’s effects. The capsules can get mushy, so its recommended to put them in the fridge or freezer before inserting.

Where to buy Cannabis Lube and THC Suppositories

You can buy Dani Pepper Cannabis Lube and Discreetly Baked Suppositories throughout the state of California. California is one of 10 states in the USA where cannabis is legalized. This means that you can buy Weed Lube and Weed Suppositories in ALL 482 towns and cities in California, including:

  1. Adelanto
  2. Agoura Hills
  3. Jurupa Valley
  4. Eastvale
  5. Los Angeles
  6. San Diego
  7. San Jose
  8. San Francisco
  9. Fresno
  10. Sacramento
  11. Long Beach
  12. Oakland
  13. Bakersfield
  14. Anaheim
  15. Santa Ana
  16. Riverside
  17. Stockton
  18. Chula Vista
  19. Fremont
  20. Irvine
  21. San Bernardino
  22. Modesto
  23. Oxnard
  24. Fontana
  25. Moreno Valley
  26. Glendale
  27. Huntington Beach
  28. Santa Clarita
  29. Garden Grove
  30. Santa Rosa
  31. Oceanside
  32. Rancho Cucamonga
  33. Ontario
  34. Lancaster
  35. Elk Grove
  36. Palmdale
  37. Corona
  38. Salinas
  39. Pomona
  40. Torrance
  41. Hayward
  42. Escondido
  43. Sunnyvale
  44. Pasadena
  45. Fullerton
  46. Orange
  47. Thousand Oaks
  48. Visalia
  49. Simi Valley
  50. Concord
  51. So go to a dispensary near you and ask for Discreetly Baked Suppositories and Dani Pepper Lube today to experience something new in your sex life!

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