Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada and widely available for people to buy. While there were some issues with the first few weeks of sales, namely due to an overwhelming demand for online weed sales, legalization has got off to a successful start.

Buying Legal Weed in Canada

For those unaware of the weed buying process in Canada, it is quite straight-forward. Licenced retailers operate dispensaries and online stores where customers buy any type of weed product they wish.

However, as cannabis is a controlled substance there are strict rules in place regarding recreational sales. This means there are few differences between buying weed online and buying weed in a store, which caused some confusion among consumers.

This guide aims to clear up any confusion about how to buy weed online. It covers everything you need to know about how to buy weed online in Canada, including where to buy the weed, what the rules are, and any other helpful info.

Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

You certainly can buy weed online in Canada! As you may expect there are various rules in place to ensure safe and regulated cannabis sales online, although the process is relatively simple. Most of the rules are normal for buying a controlled substance, including age restrictions, limits on how much weed you can buy, and where you can buy weed online from.

How Do I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

If you want to buy weed online in Canada it could not be easier. All you need to do is visit the licenced online cannabis retailer in your province, create an account, and then start buying the weed.

It’s like buying anything else online! You need to provide typical personal information including name, age, and Canadian address, along with payment information to purchase the weed online. Some stores ask to verify your age on their site, although most are happy to check this upon delivery.

What are the Restrictions When Buying Weed Online in Canada?

The restrictions when you buy weed online are standard for buying any controlled substance. For example, you need to be the legal age to buy weed in your province, which most have set to 19. There are a few provinces where you can buy weed online aged 18, while others plan on raising the age to 21.

The other most notable restriction when you buy weed online in Canada is where you can buy it from. Only licenced online retailers are permitted to sell cannabis online in Canada.

Most of these government operated cannabis retailers and the number of online stores is limited in most provinces. There are a few provinces that have licenced privately operated online cannabis stores, with these provinces having several online stores to buy weed from.

An important rule to remember is that you can only buy weed online in Canada from your province’s licenced website. This means you cannot purchase cannabis online from another province’s website. For example, if you live Ontario then you cannot buy weed from Quebec’s online cannabis store.

How Much Weed Can You Buy Online in Canada?

You can only buy up to 30g of weed online during a single transaction. This is the same amount as buying weed from a dispensary and is the legal amount you can carry in public. The restriction applies regardless of the type of product, whether dried flower, oils, or pre-rolls.

This is a fair amount of weed to buy online in a single purchase. 30g is just over an ounce of cannabis, which should last even a frequent user several weeks.

Where Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

If want to buy cannabis online in Canada then you simply visit the licenced retailer in your province. Each province has at least one website to use, so once you find this buying weed is quick and easy. The most time-consuming part of buying weed online is choosing from all the great products!

Hopefully the number of online retailers selling weed in Canada increases in the future. The more places to buy weed online the better, but for now you can buy from any of the following stores:


Website – Alberta Cannabis

To buy weed online in Alberta you need to use Alberta Cannabis. This is a government run website and currently the only place to buy weed online in Alberta. You must create an account on the website and verify your age with phot ID. After this you can browse and buy the weed products at your leisure.

Alberta Cannabis is one of just a few online cannabis stores in Canada that sells weed online to people aged 18.

British Columbia

Website – BC Cannabis Store

Buying weed online in British Columbia is done through BC Cannabis Store. The government-operated website is one of the best around, with a great range of cannabis products available.

When buying weed online in BC using this site, be mindful that you need two forms of photo ID. This includes a government issued ID and ID that has your signature and name imprmeinted.


Websites – Tweed, Delta 9, & Tokyo Smoke

Buying weed online in Manitoba is easier than other provinces as you have more stores to choose from! The province is one of two that has licenced private online retailers, including Tweed, Delta 9, and Tokyo Smoke.

Each website follows the same rules however, with age restriction being 19 and the requirement of photo ID to verify this. As there are different sites available here expect a nice variety of cannabis products to choose from. Prices and delivery rates differ however, so bear this in mind when browsing.

New Brunswick

Website – Cannabis NB

The website to buy weed online in New Brunswick is the government-run Cannabis NB. You must be 19 to purchase cannabis from this online store and provide government-issued photo ID for verification.

This site has a handy feature where they allow someone else to sign for the cannabis if you are not home. The person must be at least 19 and have photo ID, but it’s still very useful for anyone that may not be home to sign for their package.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Website – Cannabis NL

Buying weed online in Newfoundland and Labrador is done via Cannabis NL. This government online retailer is typical of most other cannabis stores, selling a decent collection of dried flower and oils. The age restriction is also 19 and customers must provide photo ID when signing for your delivery to verify this.

Nova Scotia

Website – NSLC Cannabis (requires access code)

Buying weed online in Nova Scotia requires more effort than other provinces. This is because you need to visit an NSLC Cannabis dispensary to receive an online access code for buying weed online in Nova Scotia.

The code gives access to the NSCL Cannabis website, the only place to buy weed online in Nova Scotia. You will be asked to provide phot ID when visiting any of the NSCL Cannabis dispensaries, after which you get a unique online access code.


Website – Ontario Cannabis Store

Residents of Ontario can buy weed online at Ontario Cannabis Store. This is government-run site is possibly the most used since legalization, with over 30,000 sales and counting. You need to be 19 to buy weed online in Ontario, with verification confirmed when you sign for your package.


Website – Societe Quebec de Cannabis

You can currently buy weed online in Quebec from the government operated website Societe Quebec de Cannabis. The age limit is only set to 18 now, but this is expected to rise to 21 under the new local government. So, make sure to keep an eye out for changes in age restrictions if you live in Quebec!

Prince Edward Island

Website – PEI Cannabis

Those looking to buy weed online in Prince Edward Island need to use PEI Cannabis. It’s the only place to buy cannabis online in Prince Edward Island and you must be 19 and have ID. The site has a varied selection of cannabis products, including dried flower and oils.


Websites – New Leaf Emporium, Eden, Lush Leaf, Fire and Flower, & Jimmy’s Cannabis

Anyone that wants to buy weed online in Saskatchewan is spoiled for choice, with five different cannabis retail sites available. Each one is licenced by the government but run independently, stocking their own range of cannabis products.

Age restriction remains 19 at each site, with most requesting photo ID upon delivery, although prices and shipping fees do vary from site to site.



Website – Yukon Cannabis

The only place to buy weed online in Yukon is at Yukon Cannabis, a government operated site. The age restriction is 19 like most provinces, with ID needed to receive your weed delivery. It


Website – Tweed

Buying weed online in Nunavut is done through privately owned cannabis brand Tweed. While a private company they were awarded with the only online cannabis retail licence in Nunavut.

Therefore, to buy cannabis online in Nunavut you must visit Tweed’s official website. You’ll be prompted to give your location, so set it to Nunavut and you’ll get access to the online cannabis store. Tweed sells more than just their own cannabis brand though, so you aren’t forced to buy just their weed.

Northern Territories

Website – None

Sadly, there is no way to buy weed online in the Northern Territories as there is no recreational cannabis website. To buy weed in the Northern Territories you must visit a licenced liquor store that sells cannabis.