The sale of recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada. It’s an exciting time for cannabis users, who can now buy cannabis from the comfort of their home using the power of the internet. However, buying recreational weed online isn’t the same as buying medical cannabis, with some notable differences to the process.

Buying Legal Weed in Canada
How to buy weed online in Canada

This buyers guide has detailed explanations for how to buy weed online in Canada. This includes all the places where you can buy weed online in Canada, rules and restrictions, and other useful information to make buying weed online quick and easy.

Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

A surprising number of people don’t realise that you can buy weed online in Canada. Buying recreational cannabis online is 100% legal in Canada, although there are some important rules to follow. Other than that, you can easily buy weed online just like you’d buy something from Amazon- it’s quite the time to be alive!

Buying weed online is not just convenient, it is necessary for many people living in Canada looking to buy weed. Many people don’t have a brick and mortar cannabis store near their location as many businesses await licencing approval. Without an online store, some consumers would need to travel for hours just to buy weed!

Everything You Need to Know to Buy Weed Online in Canada

While buying weed online in Canada is convenient it is important to know some things before you buy.

Only Licenced Retailers Sell Weed

The first thing to know before you buy weed online is that only licenced retailers are permitted to sell cannabis. These licences have already been granted in each province, although there are not as many online retailers as you may assume.

This is because most provinces have only licenced one online cannabis retailer. These are mostly government-run websites, so if it’s not an officially licenced online retailer then you cannot buy weed.

It would be nice for more online weed stores to be available and more may open in the future, although a lack of options does mean there is little confusion about where to buy your weed online.

You Can Only Buy Weed Online from Your Province’s Website

Another important law to remember is you can only buy weed online from your own province’s website. This means you can’t visit the website for another province and try to order weed there, as they simply won’t deliver outside of their province.

Don’t waste your time trying to buy weed online from another province’s recreational cannabis store! Each province has at least one website to buy weed from, so just make sure you use it – we’ve listed each one below.

Strict Age Restrictions are in Place

All online cannabis retailers have strict age limits in place for buying weed online. These are mostly age 19, although a few provinces are set to 18, while some may rise to 21. These age restrictions are heavily enforced, even on an online store, so be prepared to have government issued photo ID ready.

Websites require ID to verify your age, with most requesting this as you sign for your delivery. This means you need to be home to receive your weed and have ID ready. Some sites require you to upload a scanned copy of your ID too, so bear this in mind.

Simply put, you’re going to need at least one form of photo ID, while some sites need two. Government-issued photo IDs are widely accepted, so try to ensure you have one ready.

You Can Only Buy 30g of Weed Online

Every website will limit the amount of cannabis you can buy online to 30g. This applies to dried flower or the equivalent in other products. It is a fair amount of cannabis in any case, working out at just over an ounce.

Most cannabis users will find 30g lasts several weeks, although this varies depending on frequency of use and tolerance.

All Provinces Oversee Their Own Cannabis Laws

Every province sets their own recreational cannabis legislation. Therefore, some sites have different age restrictions, while some are privately operated rather than run by the government. It also means changes can occur regarding how to buy weed online, so keep an eye your province’s cannabis legislation.

Thankfully, almost every province operates with the same laws regarding online cannabis sales.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

Buying weed online in Canada is simple. All you need to do is find the appropriate online retailer in your province – which we’ve listed below – and then create an account here. Each website requires the usual personal information, including name, age, payment info, and an address based in that province.

As mentioned, every online cannabis retailer requires some form of ID to verify your age. Some require a photo ID to be uploaded for verification, while others simply request it upon delivery of the cannabis.

Where to Buy Weed Online in Canada

This is a list of every online retailer selling recreational cannabis in Canada. Simply search for your province and you’ll find the relative online store to buy cannabis from. Expect private online retailers to eventually be available in most provinces, although legal framework needs to be established first.

Remember, there is at least one website in every province where you can buy weed online in Canada.

Alberta – Alberta Cannabis

There is only one place to buy weed online in Alberta – Alberta Cannabis. This online store is run by local government and requires you to create an account to browse and buy products. Upon creating an account, you need to provide personal information to verify you are 18. The website checks against databases to confirm your age.

British Columbia – BC Cannabis Store

Buying weed British Columbia is only possible at BC Cannabis Store. This site is government-run and stocks an impressive range of weed products from all the new recreational cannabis brands.

To buy weed online at BC Cannabis store two forms of photo ID are required. One must be government-issued and the other needs a signature and name imprint. You’ll be asked to present these IDs when signing for the weed.

Manitoba – Tweed, Delta 9 Cannabis, Tokyo Smoke

Anyone looking to buy weed in Manitoba has more than one option- the province currently has three online cannabis retailers. Each one is privately owned and operated, stocking various products from different cannabis brands.

Age restriction remains 19 at every online store and requires a government issued ID to verify your age. Prices and delivery fees differ on each of the three sites.

New Brunswick – Cannabis NB

If you want to buy weed online in New Brunswick then head over to Cannabis NB. A government run website, you must be aged 19 to buy from here and have ID ready when signing for your package. A useful feature on this site is that someone else can accept your cannabis if you aren’t at home, providing they are 19 or over.

Newfoundland and Labrador – Cannabis NL

Cannabis NL is a government operated website and the only place to buy weed online in Newfoundland and Labrador. Photo ID is required to prove you are 19 or over, with most government issued IDs being accepted.

Nova Scotia – NSLC Cannabis

Buying weed online in Nova Scotia is slightly different compared to other provinces. This is because you need to go to an NSLC Cannabis store to receive an online access code.

The code is then entered on the NSCL Cannabis website, after which you can freely browse and buy weed online in Nova Scotia. Your age is verified when visiting the NSLC Cannabis store, so make sure you bring ID. There are dozens of NSCL Cannabis stores throughout Nova Scotia, so it won’t be difficult to find one.

Ontario – Ontario Cannabis Store

Most people in Ontario need to buy their weed online as there is currently one licenced store in the province. So, unless you want to travel long distances, you’ll need to buy weed online in Ontario. This is available at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

It’s a great site that is easy to use and has a nice range of products. Registration is relatively easy and you only need to show legal photo identification when signing for a delivery. More online and physical stores will eventually arrive in Ontario but for the time being you need to use Ontario Cannabis Store.

Quebec – Societe Quebec de Cannabis

If you live in Quebec and are looking to buy weed online then visit Societe Quebec de Cannabis. The legal age to buy weed online in Quebec is 18, although it’s expected to rise from 21 under the newly elected local government.

Prince Edward Island – PEI Cannabis

There is only one place to buy weed online in Prince Edward Island – PEI Cannabis. This government-run retailer has an age limit of 19. It’s one of the few online cannabis retailers in Canada that lets you buy with a guest account to avoid personal info being stored. Your age is verified when signing for your cannabis.

Saskatchewan – Fire and Flower, Jimmy’s Cannabis, New Leaf Emporium, Eden, Lush Leaf Cannabis

Saskatchewan is one of two provinces with several cannabis stores to buy weed online from. This is useful for people in Saskatchewan looking to buy weed online, as there are five different stores available.

Jimmy’s Cannabis, Fire and Flower, Lush Leaf Cannabis, New Leaf Emporium, and Eden are the legal recreational cannabis online retailers available in Saskatchewan. More are likely to arrive in the upcoming weeks and months.

Yukon – Cannabis Yukon

Cannabis Yukon is a government-run website and currently the one place where you can buy weed online in Yukon. The store stocks a decent selection of cannabis products including dried flower and cannabis oil. You must be 19 to buy from here and show ID upon delivery.

Nunavut – Tweed

Nunavut has one website where you can buy weed online, which is done through a private cannabis brand called Tweed.

To buy weed online in Nunavut you must visit Tweed’s official website, put Nunavut as your location and then you’re granted access to their online cannabis store.

Northwest Territories – Not Available Online

Sadly, there is no way to buy weed online in the Northwest Territories at this moment. If you want to purchase recreational cannabis legally in the Northwest Territories, you must do it through licenced liquor stores.