Looking to buy weed online but don’t know where to get started? This comprehensive guide provides you with everything you need to buy weed online in Canada.

Because buying weed online is a new process for most Canadians, it’s understandable to be confused by the process. However, buying weed online in Canada couldn’t be easier once you know what to do, which this guide will explain in detail.

Below you’ll find all the useful information on how to buy weed online in Canada, what to expect from the buying process, and any rules and restrictions regarding the sale of recreational cannabis online.

Because each province in Canada has its own laws on the sale of recreational cannabis online, we’ve created a complete list of how to buy weed online in every province, along with the major cities in each one. If you want to find to find out how to buy weed online in your province or city, simply head over to our province or city guides for more detailed information!

Can I Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Yes, it completely legal to buy recreational weed online in Canada. This is great news because it makes it easy to buy cannabis no matter where you are in the country. You can have it delivered straight to your door in most instances, with the buying process being much the same as any other online retail store.

Not only is buying weed online legal, it might be the only option for many Canadians, as the number brick and mortar stores selling weed is currently limited. So, if you don’t live nearby to a recreational weed store, then buying online is likely the only way to get access to weed – unless you plan on making a massive commute to the nearest legal dispensary!

Important Things to Know Before You Buy Weed Online in Canada

Buying weed online in Canada is convenient and relatively easy, although it’s important to be aware of a few things before you buy.

You Can Only Buy Weed Online from Licenced Retailers

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when buying weed online in Canada is you can only buy it from a licenced online retailer. Licences have already been issued for online recreational cannabis stores in Canada and these are the only places you can legally buy weed online.

This means there is a limited number of websites where you can currently buy cannabis online in Canada. We have a list of all licenced online cannabis stores and will update the list as more licences are issued in the future.

You Can Only Buy Weed Online from Licenced Websites in Your Province

Another very important rule to remember before buying weed online in Canada is that you can only buy from websites in your province. No licenced online recreational cannabis stores can legally ship weed to other provinces, so don’t waste your time trying to buy from a website based in another province.

We have a complete list of all licenced cannabis stores in every province in Canada, so if you’re unsure of what websites you can buy weed from in your province be sure to check it out. Again, more online stores are expected for each province, so we’ll update the list as soon as any new licenced websites launch.

Buying Weed Online Differs in Each Province

Because each province oversees recreational cannabis legislation, there are different rules in place for buying weed online in Canada depending on your province. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with these rules, which we cover in each province guide.

While most of the rules and restrictions in place are the same in every province, there are some slight differences you should be aware of. For instance, some provinces currently have multiple websites where you can buy weed online, while others only have one website.