If you’re looking to buy weed online in Calgary but have no clue where to go, this guide is designed to give all the info you need to know. While buying weed online in Calgary is certainly convenient, it’s often difficult for first-time buyers that aren’t sure what websites legally sell recreational cannabis in Calgary. We’ll explain that and any other helpful info for anyone in Calgary that wants to buy weed onlne!

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It Buying Weed Online in Calgary Legal?

Yes, since recreational cannabis sales where legalized in October 2018 it is now 100% legal to buy weed online in Calgary and the entire country!

However, because the online sale of cannabis in Calagary is regulated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Regulation there are rules in place when it comes to buying weed online in Calgary.

The most notable rule is you need to 18 years or older to buy cannabis online in Calgary. On top of that, you can only purchase weed online in Calgary from licenced retailers in Alberta, meaning you can’t buy weed online from websites outside of your province.

Where to Buy Weed Online in Calgary

As mentioned, you need to purchase weed online in Calgary using Alberta’s licenced retailers.

Alberta Cannabis is currently the only online cannabis store officially licenced by the local government. It’s also a government operated website that has sourced the cannanbis from licenced producers from across Canada.

Privately operated online weed stores are expected to arrive at some stage but a date for this is yet to be established. So, for the time being anyone buying weed online in Calgary must do so through Alberta Cannabis.

How to Buy Weed Online in Calgary

Before you start buying weed online in Calgary using Alberta Cannabis you need to create a user account. This helps the website verify you are 18 years or older so is very important.

Simply provide the website with appropriate personal (e.g. name, date of birth, address) and then the website checks a database using Equifax. Should that not work, you can upload an image of photo ID to verify your age.

Once your age is verified your account can now buy weed online from Alberta Cannabis. The website has an impressive range of cannabis products from dozens of cannabis brands, so have a look to see what you want.

If buying dried cannabis flower – the most widely used form of cannabis – be sure to select an appropriate weight when buying online. Also, check the information about each strain, such as flavour and aroma, potency, effects, and the overall THC and CBD content.

After this, simply process the order and pay for your weed!

How Your Weed is Delivered

  • Weed purchased online from Alberta Cannabis is delivered using Canada Post or Purolator
  • Any weed you buy online in Calgary from Alberta Cannabis must be signed by someone 18 or older
  • Someone else can accept your order providing they are 18 or older
  • Should you miss your delivery then you can collect it from appropriate locations – check your missed delivery slip for more information on collection.