This guide is designed to help anyone thinking about buying weed online in British Columbia. The online buying process for recreational cannabis differs in each province in Canada, so it’s worth knowing what the processes are for BC if you want to buy weed online.

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Can You Buy Weed Online in British Columbia?

Yes, as of October 2019 it is now legal to buy recreational cannabis online in British Columbia. There are restrictions in place however, such as only being able to buy from licenced online retailers based in BC.

This means you cannot buy weed online in BC using another province’s licenced online cannabis store. Don’t bother trying as your order won’t be processed! Also, you need to be 19 or over to buy cannabis online in BC.

Where to Buy Weed Online in British Columbia

Anyone looking to buy weed online in British Columbia can do so through BC Cannabis Stores. This remains the only licenced online store for recreational cannabis in the province, so it’s the only place you can weed online in BC.

The website is operated by the local government and sources its cannabis from licenced producers, most of whom operate in BC.

Also, there is only physical recreational cannabis operating in the British Columbia, located in Kamloops, which is also government operated.

Licences for private retailers are still processing, meaning anyone that doesn’t live in Kamloops will need to buy weed online at BC Cannabis Stores in the meantime, as there are no stores anywhere else.

A Complete Guide to Buying Weed Online in British Columbia

Because BC Cannabis Stores is one of two licenced retailers in the entire province of British Columbia, it’s one of the few places where you can buy weed online in BC. Check out this step by step buying guide for ordering weed online using BC Cannabis Store:

Visit BC Cannabis Store

Buying weed online in BC couldn’t be easier with BC Cannabis Store. You don’t need to create any type of account as can buy the weed online using a guest account. So, simply head over the BC Cannabis Store to get started!

Choosing Cannabis

There is a massive range of cannabis products for sale at BC Cannabis Store. If you’re new to cannabis, there are various articles on the site that help understand cannabis and what to expect when using it.

As for the cannabis products, there are over a hundred products to choose from sold by various cannabis brands. There are dozens of different strains, each one providing a unique flavour, aroma, and high.

When browsing for cannabis products, simply click on the link to get more information about each strain. You’ll get info on how they smell, taste, how they are grown, what the high is like, and the THC/CBD content.

Both dried cannabis flower and cannabis oils are sold at BC Cannabis Stores.

Processing Your Order

When adding weed to your shopping cart make sure you choose the weight (e.g. 1g, 3.5g, or 7g) and the quantity. After you’re done adding to the cart, confirm your age and agree to the website policies, after which you go to the checkout.

As there are no permanent accounts on the site, you need to add the details each time you buy. This includes email address, name, an address in BC, and your date of birth. Choose a payment and shipping method and your order is completed!

Wait for Your Weed to Get Delivered

BC Cannabis Stores deliver to any address in British Columbia. They deliver via Canada Post using standard delivery and charge a flat shipping rate of $8.

You need to provide two forms of ID when accepting the delivery to verify your age. This includes a government issue photo ID with name and DOB and a second ID with a name imprint and signature.

If you aren’t home to accept the delivery someone else can do so on your behalf, providing they are 19 or older and have ID.