Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton and other cities across Canada are all part of the legalization of weed. But these three cities will have extra benefits, to say the least.

Now, the reason why are saying this is because the Starseed Medicinal and the Alberta Cannabis have signed up a deal that will directly affect every city, town and person within Alberta. And it involves cannabis oil, dried flower and other marijuana related products.

Historic Cannabis Bill C-45 Passes in Canadian Senate

You may or may not heard about it, but Starseed Medicinal, the huge medicinal marijuana company, has made a deal with Alberta Cannabis to supply them and sell their products in the private stores.

Of course, Starseed Medicinal isn’t the only company doing this. Our very own will do the same, and you’ll be able to find Budderweeds products all over the private stores run by the Alberta Cannabis.

But, before the legalization starts, and you are finally able to purchase weed in a legal way, let’s talk about some of the products you’ll be able to find, like cannabis oil, dried flower and such.

Most popular weed products.

Between the most popular marijuana products you’ll be able to find in Lethbridge, and any other city within Alberta (and all over Canada), is dried flower, or the plain, well known weed.

The dried flower has many uses, and it’s the most popular weed product overall. And no wonder why, when you consider the whole process behind it is pretty easy.

Drying the weed, also known as curing it, is a process that happens right after the harvest season. It takes quite a bit of time, but not a lot of effort, so obtaining the dried flower is, as a matter of fact easy.

Once you harvest your weed, it’s time to dry it. To do this, you will have to dry them out slowly in a controlled room or environment so they don’t go wrong at any point.

The drying process might take up a bit of time, but there’s really not much to do until they are finally done. Then it is time for you to put the almost dried flower in glass jars and let the buds do their thing over the course of a couple of weeks.

As you might have noticed, the process of dried flower is extremely easy to do, which is precisely why it’s on the top of the marijuana products that people consume all over the world. You better expect to see this one A LOT in Lethbridge as the city starts to adjusting to legalization.

Now, as to cannabis oil, the process behind it can be quite a bit tricky, but people still enjoy this particular product. Both for recreational and medical purposes (In fact, Starseed Medicinal produces it as medicinal weed).

The process to get cannabis oils is pretty similar to the heated alcohol technique, and it will required you to get the dried flower and high-proof or grain alcohol.

Throughout this particular process you’ll have to mix the herb with the alcohol, and after a couple of minutes, drain it clean. Once that’s done, comes the heating process that results in cannabis oil.

You can expect to see both of these products in all the legalized stores in Lethbridge, Edmonton and other cities across Canada. Of course, remember to look for the Budderweeds brand at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.