High Tide is brand-new recreational cannabis brand from Maricann, part of the Wayland Group company. With Maricann being one of the foremost producers of medical cannabis in Canada their foray into recreational markets is exciting. Through brands such as High Tide, consumers can expect medical-grade cannabis products for recreational enjoyment.

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Although their current range of strains is limited, High Tide expects to release new strains very soon. These strains are all designed with the more seasoned cannabis user in mind. For instance, the strains from High Tide are all hand-selected for their potent THC content to ensure a great high.

Cannabis connoisseurs are known to enjoy high THC strains that provide instant effects on the mind and body. Of course, this means that High Tide cannabis products may be best avoided if you’re new to weed. Too high a THC content often causes an overwhelming high that puts people off cannabis.

So, if you haven’t tried much weed yet then you may want to avoid High Tide for the time-being. Those that’ve smoked for some time will certainly want to keep an eye out for High Tide’s range of strains.

Only the one strain is currently for sale however, but it should give an idea of what High Tide is about. This is available at provincial stores, including Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

Ghost Train Haze is the High Tide’s current offering for the recreational market. Available at most provincial stores, it certainly delivers on the potency scale, with a whopping 19-24% THC content. This bad boy may very well overwhelm newer users, especially those prone to anxiety, so bear this in mind.

Those that know their weed will love this Sativa-dominant hybrid however. Unlike many Sativa strains, Ghost Train Haze has dense buds that coated in white crystals. This contrasts nicely with the light-green hue of the bud and the vibrant orange hairs.

Ghost Train Haze doesn’t just look good, it smells and tastes incredible. The aroma is a unique blend of pine and citrus with powerful overtones of skunk. The effects of this strain are far from mild, although reducing dose amounts will limit this somewhat.

For instance, Ghost Train Haze is a powerful pain-killer that produces a cerebral high that is often euphoric in nature. It is also great for working up an appetite, while providing uplifting feelings that combat depression.

So, if you want to see what High Tide strains offer be sure to check out Ghost Train Haze. More are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and months, all featuring a strong THC content stoners will love.

High Tide isn’t the only new brand hitting recreational stores. Budderweeds is a newly established cannabis brand that specialise in hand crafted cannabis products. These are meticulously cultivated strains that are prepared to highest standards possible.

Budderweeds also offers a collection of cannabis oils too. These are orally ingested, offering a smokeless way to consume cannabis, which many people are looking for. Budderweeds cannabis oils are derived from quality strains chosen for their unique properties.

Get High Tide and Budderweeds products at your online provincial stores very soon!