Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. This beautiful city is home to courteous, friendly and welcoming people. The people of this city share happiness amongst each other. The best way to do so is by sharing a joint. And most importantly when the high-quality products are readily available by Budderweeds, the effect is extraordinary. These amazing products include cannabis oil and dried flowers. These products are supplied by 7 Acres.

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As it is a known fact that weed is legal in Canada since October 2018, the cannabis selling businesses have expanded and grown exponentially. The different advantages of Cannabis include its usage for recreational purposes. Its legalization has prompted the startup of numerous organizations like Budderweeds who are catering towards the fun and recreational usage of cannabis. In case you’re searching for a dried flower or Cannabis oil, Budderweeds have got you covered. We are a Canadian cannabis brand, supplying cannabis products all over Canada. These products have the quality assurance from 7 Acres.

Guaranteed Quality

On the contrary to most different cannabis brands,  Budderweeds Cannabis accure all of their pot from high quality vendors. These vendors include 7 Acres who are already in a partnership with Alberta Cannabis. They will be the ones, supplying high end, quality products to Alberta Cannabis. These products include Cannabis Oil and Dried flowers. These products are easily delivered all over Canada including Calgary.

The quality plants are handpicked by us and the quality of the product is carefully scrutinized at every step. We are also very much active in the cannabis industry, helping other startup weed businesses.

We, also, support the independent craft growers by conducting business with them. This results in an unbreakable supply chain model for us. The stream of freshly grown, hand picked and high quality marijuana is never broken. The legalization of cannabis will also result in the expansion of such businesses in a regulated manner. The freshly grown marijuana is processed to make dried flowers and cannabis oil.


Budderweeds is the brand of choice if you are looking for high quality cannabis products. These products are made of high-quality marijuana supplied by trusted suppliers and vendors such as 7 Acres. Look for Budderweeds products at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.