Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis are the only places to legally buy recreational cannabis in Canada. It has lots of cannabis products to choose from, with various brands selling premium cannabis and cannabis products available. For instance, Helios and Buddeweeds are two cannabis brands that have a range of upcoming products gaining lots of hype.

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Helios, named for the legendary Greek god, is a high-quality cannabis brand specializing in dried flower. Their main product is high in THC and comes with a very sweet and tropical aroma. Grown from a Maui Wowie strain, expect lots of buzz around Helios when their products become available on Ontario Cannabis Store.

Like most cannabis brands, Helios is selling dried flower cannabis in various weights and as pre-rolled cones. So, whether you like smoking bongs, pipes, or a joint, Helios has some great cannabis coming soon.

Budderweeds is another emerging cannabis brand. They are self-styled as a party in a bag, offering premium quality cannabis for those that love a good time. From long-time stoners to first-time users, Budderweeds has a wonderful range of craft grown dried flowers and oils coming soon.

By using craft growing processes, Budderweeds is producing some of the best cannabis products in the country. The process involves meticulously caring for plants to ensure the upmost quality. Strains are rich in flavour and produce wonderful aromas, with each plant receiving the unique care and attention it requires to fulfil its potential.

The result? Premium quality cannabis products. From dried flowers to cannabis oil, Budderweeds looks set to unleash some truly incredible cannabis products. There aren’t many competitors that compare to the smoothness of each Budderweeds strain. THC content is varied but usually on the higher side – just the way cannabis connoisseurs like it!

Whenever you plan on buying cannabis from Ontario Cannabis Store you want to think about strains. There are many cannabis strains available on the site, so knowing what to choose isn’t always easy.

All cannabis strains are Indica, Sativa, or hybrids that cross breed the two. Many strains are now hybrids but have one type more dominant than the other. This means the cannabis takes on characteristics of each one, but more of the dominant strain.

As a result, you get all kinds of awesome strains with their own unique characteristics that make them worth trying. One of the most famous hybrid strains is White Widow. First grown in the Netherlands, it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid known for giving a euphoric high that makes for great socializing.

For a classic Indica, look no further than Northern Lights. It offers the quintessential Indica high, including a mellow body high that is great for relaxing, treating body aches, and getting a good night’s sleep.

God Bud is a great Indica-dominant hybrid with a nice mid-range THC and is rich in flavour. Almost tropical in taste, its coated in resin that gives it a colourful green and white appearance.

These are just a few examples of the many types of cannabis strains available today. It’s a good idea to try as many as possible to see what one works best for you!