A lot of us may be marijuana lovers, but do we know how the marijuana concentrates or dried leaves we love come about?

Before the marijuana flowers are sent to Organigram to churn out the different concentrates that Calgary residents love, the marijuana has to be grown.

How can you grow the best marijuana flowers right at home when Calgary now that Canada has legalized marijuana?

Getting the best seeds is not a problem because among the many other marijuana related products that Organigram offers, the marijuana seed is one. To grow the best kind of marijuana flowers, you have to understand how good genes work, and have patience.

Those days in school when we were taught what photosynthesis was, could come into play.

Like people would always say, ‘No knowledge is wasted.’

Or is it?

To cultivate the best marijuana seeds, the following have to be taken into consideration.


1 Get those special Elite seeds

Are you in Calgary, and you are in need of elite seeds? Look no further, Organigram has it covered. No matter how skillful of a cultivator you are, if you use an inferior strain, ‘thou art wasting your time’, in Old English.

Without elite seeds or clones, your marijuana flowers may come out looking wrong. It is of importance to source the seeds from a reputable source, and what source is more reputable than Organigram.

2 Feed It Lightly

When we love something, we tend to feed it a lot. Kill that thought if you want the best for your breed. Though some nutrient companies may tell you to use a lot of plant food, but Organigram is against it. Most of the nutrition companies around are merely interested in making sales

When your Marijuana flowers’ tips become burnt, this means you have fed them with a lot of minerals and salts.

‘What then do you recommend?’ You may wonder.

Simple, feed that plant half of what is recommended on the plant food’s package, until you sight any sign of deficiency in the plant. If there is no sign of deficiency or yellowing, continue feeding the plant the half ration. If you see these deficiencies, increase the food ration.

3 Control That Environment

The weather in Calgary, like other places around the world may fluctuate and this is not good for your plant. For your plant to survive, never let the temperature drop below 60, or shoot up to more than 85 degrees. The relative humidity can revolve around 40%- 50%, and the plant is good to go.


4 The potential Hydrogen

– pH- shows the alkaline level or the acidic level of the soil. On the scale, one is seen as very acidic, while fourteen is seen as very alkaline. The level for your Marijuana pot should be between 5.5 to 6.7

If the pH exceeds this range, some nutrients will not be absorbed by your plant’s roots, even when available in the soil. To our physical eyes, we think it is a deficiency and therefore, pump the soil with more nutrients.

This will not help the plant in any way. To ensure your babies grow well, use a pH monitor.

When you are done with these, there is a high chance that your babies will grow well, and will feel good wrapped and burnt. Before uprooting, ensure that you use plain water on the plant for the last two weeks if uprooting to leach of the excess nutrients. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!