Get THC Lube in Moreno Valley, California

Moreno Valley incorporated as a city 35 years ago. In that short time, this city has become full of vibrant people and fun things to do. A short drive from LA, Moreno Valley has everything you’ve been searching for.

If you like to hike, Moreno Valley is the place to do it! Amazing trails with breathtaking views await you. Sunset is the perfect time to catch stunning pics of nature. You might even take the perfect selfie among those mountains – letting your natural beauty shine.  

And, if natural wonders are important to you – you might be happy to hear that Dani Pepper’s cannabis lube is 100% certified vegan. Its pure formula will bring you pure exhilaration.

Buy THC Lube in Moreno Valley for Your Partner

My husband and I enjoyed a thrilling weekend of luxurious pampering at the Ayres Hotel and Spa; Moreno Valley.

But, the real highlight was that first afternoon. We had just come back from a 90-minute couples massage and it was just like heaven. Back in our room, we felt dizzy from relaxation. Or so we thought!

We realized we hadn’t eaten much today. Just a coffee and some fruit when we headed out the door. He flipped through the room service menu and ordered us something. He said let it be a surprise.

Then I got a fun idea. I skipped away to the bathroom to find my Dani Pepper THC infused Lubricant. I asked my husband if he was up for a race. I dared him that he couldn’t get me over the moon before our food arrived.

 “You’re on!”

 I lost the bet but won the day!

Buy Cannabis Lube for Your First Time in Moreno Valley

Big date. He’s picking me up at 8. We are going to the Sunnymead Ranch Club. I am really worried about putting my foot in my mouth, again.

This time, though, I am going to be relaxed. I had a massage earlier and I have a plan.  As I am in the shower, I practice all of my first date questions. I also practice a few of my best laughs. I like to strike a balance between appreciative but not too obnoxious.

As I scrub, I think about how damn hot I look in my new dress. Then I get out of the shower. On the sink, I notice that I have left out my Dani Pepper THC lube from the night before.

This wasn’t part of my get-ready plan, but do I have time before my date?  I check. It’s going to be tight but I guess I can be fashionably late…

I feel the tingle on my fingers as I pump a bit into my hand. Wow, after a shower it feels even better. As I begin to explore my body, I fall deeper into the relaxation. Then, almost too quickly, I orgasm, screaming in delight.

I stand, wash my hands and continue getting ready for my date. If the date goes well…maybe there will be a reprise later that evening. And, hell, if the date doesn’t go well, I know there will be!

Buy THC Lube for a One Night Stand in Moreno Valley

Wow! My little sister, Stacey got married last night! I am so proud of her. She met Glen at Moreno Valley College.

I pull up to Canyon Crest at 9 am. It’s gorgeous. The groomsmen and bridesmaids planned to meet in the lobby in the morning to divvy up tasks for the day.

One of the groomsmen has the iciest, bluest eyes I have ever seen. Honestly, I could stare at them all day. I look away to make sure he doesn’t catch me staring.

Once all ten of us have arrived, we do the rounds of introductions. Blue eyes is named Dylan. And he’s Glens’ roommate from MVC. He has a husky voice and doesn’t say much. When I hear him say, tell me what to do and I will do it, my mind starts drifting off where it really shouldn’t…

I promised Stace I wouldn’t steal any thunder today.

I start thinking about my bottle of Dani Pepper lube – Stace had gifted it to all of the bridesmaids at her bachelorette party two weeks ago. She said it was her secret to staying calm through all of this planning. 

I snickered a bit, but honestly, she had been pretty good. And I hate to admit that she was right, but it was really helping me relax. And it’s sitting on my hotel nightstand waiting for my return at the end of the night.

My eyes drift over to Dylan as he configures the sound equipment. As he picks up the heaviest items with ease, I keep having fantasies about him…

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud crash. A tray of glasses had fallen over. Dylan is there immediately to help sweep it up. I smile at him, he smiles back. I then am swept away for my makeup and hair appointment.  

The rest of the wedding is pure bliss. I even got to dance a bit with Dylan. I kept my cool though. And at the end of the night, Dylan and I are the last ones at the venue. We helped the staff clean up, and then our hands touched.

We started making out passionately. Urgently. I invite him to my hotel room; I needed to turn these fantasies into reality. When he sees the Dani Pepper – he is excited. He knew exactly how to use it.

I didn’t steal any thunder at the wedding itself, but it sure was getting stormy in my room!

Foria Vs Dani Pepper: Moreno Valley’s Favourite THC Lube

Moreno Valley’s is a young city with so much to offer you might come back again and again. It’s a place to allow your imagination to run wild. Why not spice things up by picking up a bottle of Dani Pepper’s Cannabis Lube?

Many people turn to weed lubes like Dani Pepper or Foria’s Arousal Oil for dryness relief and increased sexual enjoyment. You might want to turn up the heat with your long-time partner, impress a new one, or take yourself on a thrilling adventure.

So let your carnal cravings be your guide. Feel good about buying from a female-owned company like Dani Pepper – where women always come first.

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