CBD, or cannabidiol, is the active compound found in cannabis that is not THC. Where THC may make people feel stoned or high, CBD has a bit of a counteractive effect that can provide medical and recreational benefits without producing the high that makes some people uncomfortable. CBD is not psychoactive, and it is legal in most places. It is not tested for in drug tests as it is used in for many medical purposes and not for the sole reason of getting high. For more information on CBD in Montreal, see the following information.

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Where does CBD Come From?

It can be found in both hemp and marijuana plants. In places where marijuana is illegal, most CBD will be found in hemp plants, as those are still viable to grow. However, places with legal medical and/or recreational marijuana can derive their CBD from cannabis plants. In general, the CBD that is derived from marijuana plants is considered to be stronger and have more powerful effects than that from the hemp plant.

Recreational Effects of CBD

It is often be used for medical purposes, but there are also many recreational uses for it. For some, combining it with THC can help counteract the “antisocial” effect that many people get when they are high. It can reduce feelings of paranoia and anxiety that may come from smoking too much weed. A strain that is particularly high in CBD will allow for a more social, relaxing marijuana experience.

For those who want to avoid the effects of THC altogether, pure CBD can still contribute to relaxation and reduction of stress. This can help anybody to enjoy their night out, whether they are consuming regular marijuana or not. CBD has a therapeutic, pain-relieving property that can also be used recreationally, but is generally used for other purposes. The relaxation it provides, however, can contribute to more social stimulation and an ability to laugh and enjoy the day even more, especially for those who may suffer from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

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