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G Pen – Portable Pens and Vaportizers

Grenco is the brand selling portable vaporizer and it has become byword for quality. Chris Folkerts is the man behind Grenco and he founded this company with the aim to deliver the people with optimal weed vaping experience. This led him to develop his first and original portable vaporizer called G Pen in 2012. Over the years, this vape manufacturer has become a common and popular name in the hip hop culture and the legends like Snoop Dogg is involved in this brand personally.

Today, Grenco is the brand which has many proprietary labels and all of them have registered an amazing growth in recent past and hence making the company a multi-billion dollar company. Found the company with the lunch of G Pen, but now they have expanded their product line-up by delivering some of the advanced vaporizers like the G Pen Elite, Original G Pen, G Pro, G Slim and the latest one is the Grenco Gio. All its products are wonderfully compact in size and high in performance and they all are beautifully designed. The ergonomic design of the vaporizers ensure easy fitting into your hands.

Budderweeds Cannabis Products

Budderweeds is Canada’s best cannabis brand! Budderweeds specializes in selling a variety of vapes and weeds for vaping. We sell the high quality cannabis products and all are safe for vaping needs. Some of the products include:

  1. Flower – All three categories of cannabis flowers are being sold at the licensed dispensaries, you can be indica, sativa and hybrid flowers at premium cannabis dispensaries across Canada and California.
  2. THC Edibles – The THC Edibles sold at the store are the great way for consuming cannabis. THC edibles which are being sold are designed with organically farmed cannabis plants and they comprise of active cannabinoid which is the chemical compound cause psychoactive effects in users. You can buy a great range of edibles, everything from sour keys to chocolate!
  3. CBD Edibles – The CBD Edibles comprise of the active cannabinoid and it is known for offering the users with the relaxing effects and also promotes sound sleep at night. It is free from psychoactive effects and hence considered safe for medical use.
  4. Concentrates – As the name suggest, the concentrates are the products which are made out of cannabis plants and hence they comprise of THC chemicals. It is designed using best methods to keep the real active THC and remove the impurities.
  5. Disposable Vape Pen – This is the disposable vape pen which is made for single use and after every vaping experience users are required to dispose of the pen and use another one for next vaping session.

G Pen Products

  1. G Pen Elite – This is the vaping device designed to hold up to 88 grams of weed at a time to offer you amazing vaping experience. The device heats up quickly and reaches 360 degrees because of ceramic heating elements integrated in it.
  2. G Pro Vaporizer – This is the new vaporizer which is designed for all new vapers as it comprises of simpler interface and amazing features to make the vaping memorable. It produces reasonable cloud and the resistance is minimal on the Green setting. It reaches impressive heating and it fits into pocket.
  3. G Slim – As the name suggests, it is the slimmest design vaporizer which is easy to use and you can enjoy the hit in few seconds. It is aesthetically pleasing and the tank is made out of ceramics and heat resistant medical glass which is also industrial grade.
  4. G Pen – This was the first product made by Grenco and it has been updated over time with latest features to enhance the vaping experience. It produces decent clouds and enables you to even produce larger clouds and cooler draws when you connect it to any of the vaporizers.

Grenco Science G-Pen

Where to buy Budderweeds in Canada

BudderWeeds products can be bought from licensed dispensaries in Canada. There are different licensed dispensaries available across Canada including the Ontario Cannabis Store, Societe Quebecoise Du Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Alberta Cannabis Store.

Where to buy Budderweeds in the USA

Budderweeds products are legal in California and can be bought from licensed dispensaries! Check out some great products to buy in:

  1. San Jose
  2. San Diego
  3. Los Angeles
  4. San Francisco
  5. Fresno

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