The Best Cannabis Lube of 2019: Foria vs Dani Pepper

Like peanut butter and chocolate or hot beaches and cold beers, cannabis and sex are a perfect pair. The heightened pleasure response you feel with THC and CBD cannot be mistaken.

This isn’t a new realization. There’s a host of companies that have taken up concocting amorous potions and sex salves. One of the biggest sellers in this not-so-secret niche of the cannabis industry is cannabis lubes. They can either come in a THC or CBD variety, and they work.

THC-infused lubes can jolt your love life into an all new peek of intimacy, with wet and wild orgasms and sensations that overwhelm. I’ve tried more than one, and like most cannabis products, you need to know what you’re getting into; you need to do your research.

Two of my favorite cannabis lubes that you can buy right now are Foria’s Pleasure Oil and Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil. They’ve been around for a few years and have dedicated followings. Below, I’ll go over both products and tell you the benefits of each. Then I’ll compare my raunchy adventures with Foria and Dani Pepper and offer my suggestion of which one you should buy.

Why Try Cannabis Lube?

Cannabis lube isn’t like anything you’ve tried before. You can’t mimic the experience with something you’d buy at your local pharmacy. Heat-activated lubes and whatever else you’ll find on a rack beside some Durex condoms doesn’t compare to this stuff.

That’s because THC and CBD absorb into your labia and vagina and activate from within your tissue rather than an external reaction. The cannabinoids found in these lubes travel to your endocannabinoid system, located throughout your body.

What’s dry becomes wet, what’s humdrum takes a wicked turn into funtown, and what you thought was your peek orgasm ends up being something more like the launchpad to the pleasure adventure in your nether regions.

To get these experiences, apply the lube and wait; it’s not instantaneous. I find, on average, you’ve got at least 30 minutes before you feel the effects. This is where foreplay comes in. Or self pleasure. Whatever.

Most cannabis lubes are oil based, including the two I’m reviewing below, which means you cannot use them with latex-based condoms or toys. MCT coconut oil and essential oils erode latex. Speaking of which, men won’t feel as much as women, which is why most THC-infused sex lubes are geared towards women.

Foria’s Pleasure and Awaken Sex Lube

Foria is a leading name in the female-centered cannabis market, and with good reason. Their first product release was Pleasure, one of the original THC-based personal lubes. Since then, they’ve crafted a handful of other items, including a CBD-infused lubricant, dubbed Foria Awaken.

Both products ship in a 30 ml bottle and sport a spray nozzle. While they don’t advertise the amount of THC in their Pleasure formula, I chatted with their responsive customer service and discovered that it contains 450 mg. This is high for a sex lube, as most products I’ve tried hover around 100mg. The Awaken version ships with 30mg of CBD, or 1 mg per ml. 

The ingredient list is 100% plant based, a nice touch, especially when you’ll be massaging this into places you don’t want chemicals or by-products to muck up your natural pH. The base oil is MCT coconut, a healthy choice with plenty of antioxidants.

The aroma emanating from Pleasure and Awaken is mint chocolate. For me, it induces a hunger that isn’t always sexual. Foria argues that the smell should soak your loins, but more often than not I craved a snack. 

Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

I found Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil in a shop not too far from my home. Being the curious sexual spelunker that I am, I took some home. Since then, it’s orbited my top shelf of cannabis lubes.

Dani Pepper was founded by women for women. It’s a smaller company than Foria, but their community has been growing steadily since their inception in 2018. They launched with their cannabis sex lube, but have since produced other female-oriented products, such as anal and vaginal suppositories.

Both their THC and CBD personal lubricants contain 250 mg of their respective cannabinoid, all within a 15 ml bottle. This may seem less than Foria, but that brand ships product in a 30 ml bottle. As such, you’re getting more THC per ml with Dani Pepper. Even better, because of their Nanomax technology, they’ve boosted the effects by making the cannabinoid molecules easier to absorb into your skin.

Not only is it more potent, but the consistency and smell hit just the right notes, too. Dani Pepper’s proprietary blend of essential oils is the only added ingredient, aside from the coconut oil and THC. It smells spicy and sweet, like orange blossoms and vanilla.

The Climax: Comparing the Experience of Foria with Dani Pepper

Spending the night with Foria and Dani Pepper had me gushing, figuratively and literally. I enjoyed my experiences with both products, and can’t deny that either brand will revamp your sex life. Yet, I also discovered that, once I had time to reflect, one product took the lead.

As I thought, you’ll need around 40 minutes for the effects to kick in, whether you use Foria or Dani Pepper. The texture of Foria’s oil is a little thicker than Dani Pepper, and it smells engrossing. The luxuriant mint and savory cacao enticed my partner to spend more time giving me oral pleasure than usual. 

I will admit, however, that the smell fades rather quickly. By the time I felt the lube’s intoxicating effects I was over the chocolatey smell wafting in the room.

Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil’s spicy scent, conversely, was more manageable. It kept the mood light and fun. And the effects of the oil were far more intense. The added pleasure I felt from their THC-infused lube sent waves of pleasure through my legs and abdomen. I can see women with pelvic or uterus issues finding worth in this lube, too.

I like that Dani Pepper matches Foria’s claims and shirks from synthetic compounds, petrochemicals, parabens, fragrances, and additives. I laid back after bouts of muscle-tensing orgasms completely refreshed, relaxing in the post-coital emanations ringing throughout my body.

Try Dani Pepper’s Orgasm Enhancement Oil

If it’s not clear by now, I’ll just come out and say it — I just plain preferred my evening with Dani Pepper. Their THC and CBD oils were unique experiences. The THC version lasted longer, and the effects were more noticeable. The CBD sex lube adds relaxation, opening you up and inviting new and exciting experiences.

That’s not to say Foria’s Awaken and Pleasure sex lubes aren’t a blast. They are. I simply had more fun with Dani Pepper, and why wouldn’t you opt for more when given the opportunity? You can find their THC lube in licensed stores. Thankfully, if that’s not an option where you are, you can pick up a bottle of their CBD Orgasm Enhancement Oil right here.

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