Legalization is fully underway in Canada, with recreational stores selling massive quantities of cannabis products in the first few weeks. Cannabis products currently available at recreational stores is somewhat limited, with just dried flower and cannabis oils currently available. That is going to change very soon.

The recreational market is just getting started in Canada. Next year marks what many are citing as the ‘second wave’ of legalization, with more cannabis products becoming available at stores nationwide in 2019.

These products are well-known among cannabis connoisseurs, with cannabis drinks and edibles becoming legal products next year. This means stores are going to be stalking all kinds of amazing cannabis infused drinks and edibles- but it is important to know just what to expect from these new cannabis products.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

As the name suggests, cannabis edibles are food and drinks infused with THC, like the classic weed brownies. Homemade edibles have always been very popular, but making them is quite difficult, which is why smoking has traditionally been the most popular way to consume weed.

Since medical and recreational cannabis became legalized in parts of North America, companies started making commercial edibles in almost any type of food, with popular products including gummies, baked goods, chocolates, and even drinks.

What Types of Cannabis Edibles are There?

Like most cannabis products, edibles are divided into categories that match the cannabis strains used to make them- sativa, Indica, and hybrid edibles. You also get CBD edibles that use pure CBD and no THC, meaning you don’t get high but enjoy the health benefits of CBD.

How Much Should I Take?

One of the big problems with edibles is just how strong they can be. THC doses are measured in milligrams, so the higher the mg the more potent the edibles. So, if you are new to cannabis or edibles in general, you should never take the same amount as an experienced cannabis user.

1-5mg is always the recommended dose for a beginner, with between 2-10mg suitable for anyone that smokes weed a few times a week. Only people with experience eating edibles should go higher than this. Be mindful that some edibles have dosages upwards of 100mg!

Always Start Slow and Wait for the Edibles to Kick in

Cannabis edibles get a bad reputation because people don’t realise how different they are from dried flower. When smoking or vaping weed, it goes directly into the bloodstream from the lungs and is carried to the brain, where you get the effects quickly after smoking.

However, edibles work very differently because the body processes them different. Rather than going into the bloodstream via the lungs, the cannabis is processed through the liver. This takes much longer to process, which is why it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for the effects to hit.

As a result of the delayed reaction, many people think they need a higher dose, only for it all to kick in shortly after and feel way too overpowering.

Therefore, you should always start with a small amount and wait for it to take effect. Try eating 5mg and then waiting 20-60 minutes for the high to hit. If you feel good and enjoy the buzz, then wait another hour or so before eating another dose.

Also, it’s a good idea to eat something before you take any edibles, a full stomach makes it quicker and easier to digest.