For your medical condition in Lethbridge, the use of medical cannabis, either the dried flowers or cannabis oil may be a trial and error method. We, at Organigram, are always there to see you through every step of the way, wherever you may live- Lethbridge or other parts of Canada.

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There are many variants available to patients in Lethbridge or those who may want to try the blissful marijuana now that it is legalized.

It can be the cannabis infused edibles that have besieged stores in Lethbridge, the cannabis oil or dried flowers. What are the differences? Organigram may have published a lot of works on the differences, but for everyone’s sake, let’s discuss it again.


The Cannabis Dried Flowers.

On the dried flower sit trichrome or resin glands. The female cannabis plant has more resin than her counterpart.

‘Hold up! Did I just read female cannabis plant?’ You may be confused.

‘Are you sure the writer of this blog article was not too far gone in a cocktail of both cannabis oil and dried flowers?’ You ask again.

As I write this, I clearly am not high. Or am I? I should let you decide that. What’s the fun in it if I burst the bubble?

Back to our tale on cannabis dried flowers. I digress a lot.

Organigram has found out that the resin produced by its gland has the special cannabinoids known to prevent and treat a lot of health issues.

The terpenes are found in resins, and they are aromatic in nature, sometimes giving a lavender smell. When used with cannabinoids, the medical value of the herb is high.

For the cannabis oil, and other concentrates, the resin gets removed from the cannabis flower using a kind of solvent. For those dried flowers, the resins remain on them.

Cannabis oil is stronger and is used by those in need of quick relief, like cancer patients, or stronger high.

Those who need a subtler high or have anxiety disorders usually opt for the dried flowers.

People with serious conditions such as neurological disorders or cancer may require something more powerful for effective relief.

However, patients with mental health conditions or anxiety disorders might prefer the smaller doses in dried flower. As far as medical cannabis is concerned, everything is individually tailored. In general, here’s how dried cannabis flower stacks up as a medicine:..


The Pros of Dried Flowers

It can easily be cultivated with the right seeds from Organigram. This option is great for those in need of lesser intensive therapies.

This dried flower can be used to make smoothies and juice. This option is easily available, while very affordable to one’s pocket.

Like it has advantages, it has a lot of disadvantages. The dried flowers are not advisable for those in need of a more intensive therapy. It is of a lower dose, meaning you don’t get the high quickly. This option comes with the risk of mildew and mold. For one to consume it healthily, there must be an expensive vaporizer. To top it all up, it takes a while to process.

Most times, I am lazy. I just want to lay back and puff, and using the dried flowers always make me stand up.


Cannabis Oil

Like cooking oil, the cannabis oil is an extract that comes with different qualities. Some are of higher quality than the others. Full plant extract of the cannabis oil usually comes with THC, CBD, and even terpene. This is loved by those who are in need of a stronger relief or high. Like its counterpart, it has its pros and cons.

Pros of the cannabis oil abound. It is of a higher dose, and is potent for those in need of an intensive therapy. This oil is seen as a purer version, when compared to the dried flowers. Since it is liquid, it can easily be added in food or drinks.

Though its advantages are numerous, there are still some disadvantages. Some of the concentrates are more beneficial than their counterparts. It is seen as more expensive to some. Making extractions at home is not safe. It is advisable to buy genuine products from a genuine vendor. Making it at home with solvents may not be the right thing to do because you may unwittingly leave some residuals.

A piece of advice, opt for a genuine store brand in Lethbridge, or check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!