A lot of users in Red Deer using both cannabis oil and dried flowers are now in love with vaporizers, as opposed to other means of consuming cannabis oil or dried flowers. Though Red Deer currently allows those with medical licence to use either cannabis oil or dried flowers’ vaporizers, it will change come 2019. Then, Organigram‘s products can then be accessed by anyone in Red Deer. A lot of users are opting for both the dried flowers and cannabis oil vaporizers because of its portability.

This means that you can vape anywhere and anytime with comfort.

Before we continue, it is necessary to note that some vaporizers can be used for both cannabis oil and dried flowers.

A lot of medical users in Red Deer opt for the vapes because it reduces any form of carcinogen intake, can be used indoors, and prevents lung damage. With the numerous forms of consuming dried flowers and cannabis oil available, choosing a vaporizer may be confusing.

Don’t worry? We, at Organigram, are there to put you through.

Before we go on this voyage, ask yourself this: ‘Do you fancy dry herbs or concentrates?’


What is the difference between both vaporizers?

The dry herb version is used when you love herbs, but do not want it wrapped in paper. I, for instance, when I am partial to dried herbs use vaporizers to vaporize the busted up dried flowers.

When I am in the mood for concentrates, I opt for wax pen. They have a tank which gets filled with extracts that are heated, and finally inhaled.

For those veterans of marijuana, the concentrates vaporisers are the ones for you.

Before opting for a vaporiser, what kind of high do you want? That should be the first thing in your mind.

Concentrates are far stronger than inhaling the vapor of dried flowers. Using a concentrate vaporizer is more potent, especially when you are inhaling the vapor for medical reasons. Vaporizing a concentrate is much more potent because it has been isolated. Vaporizing the concentrates gives you about 60-80% THC. The dry herb vaping gives a miserly 10-25% THC.

When I want a slow build up, I use the herb vaporizer, but when I am in need of a fast hit, I go for its counterpart.

Some people feel concentrate vaporizers are cost-effective because little material has to be vaped before your high comes calling.

When a novice is puffing on the concentrates vaporizer, it is advisable that they take it slower. You start little then build up. Though time is short, you take it easy. less material needs to be vaped to reach the high you want.

Pen vapes, which are very portable come for concentrates mostly. If you want a portable vaporizer, go for concentrates.

For those using vaporizers for solely pain relief, Organigram would advise you went for an oil vape. Concentrates are capable of giving relief with zero side effect.

If you want a vaporizer that is easy to maintain and clean, the dried herb vaporizer might be the ones for you, as you just have to use a tiny brush and rubbing alcohol, and you are done.

If after deliberating and you are still confused, then buy both. They are affordable. Organigram products are of high quality and are cheaper. Check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis today!