Legal recreational cannabis is coming to Canada, and everyone will benefit! Since October 17, 2018, it has become legal to sell and purchase recreational cannabis throughout the country, including in Calgary. The cannabis giant Aphria, as a result of this, has recently signed a massive distribution agreement with Alberta Cannabis. Aphria will be able to sell cannabis products such as dried flower and cannabis oil through this agreement.

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Budderweeds is taking advantage of these new arrangements and offering their fine products throughout Calgary. Budderweeds is a purveyor of some of the best quality dried flower and cannabis oil on the market. Now that it is legal in Calgary, you can get their cannabis delivered directly to your home! Alberta Cannabis will also sell BW products through their privately-run stores, so you’ll have plenty of options. You’ll also find plenty of other cannabis products for recreational use.


Budderweeds is committed to providing you with the highest quality cannabis for your needs. Whether you are looking to mellow out or enjoy a night on the town, we have the product for you! You can choose to buy it through Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis or you can have them deliver it straight to your door!


We want all of our customers in Calgary to be happy and will do what we can to make sure you get the dried flower or cannabis oil that you are looking for. Our party in a bag is sure to cure what ails you and provide you with all of your recreational needs. We want to make sure that you are able to enjoy any of our products.


Thanks to the Aphria deal with Alberta Cannabis, recreational cannabis is becoming extremely easy to procure. You are now able to buy dried flower and cannabis oil with ease. Whether you do that at an Alberta Cannabis-run store or online is up to you. You will be in control of how much oil or flower you want and when you want to receive it.


We do everything to ensure we provide only the highest quality cannabis products for our customers. If you are in Calgary take a look at some of Budderweeds’ products today. You are sure to be blown away by what we have to offer.