Chong’s Choice

Chong’s Choice

All weed enthusiasts would definitely have their own opinion on Tommy Chong, the renowned name in the world of cannabis. Chong’s Choice, the ultimate destination for weed enthusiasts is the creation of Tommy Chong and it specializes in both recreational and medicinal cannabis, selling buds, flowers, and even the THC extracts like edibles, potent oils and other smoke-able produces and all within the umbrella of Chong’s Choice, his new brand. This brand is also focusing on infusing the popular beverages Chongwater with their weed collection and he is quite honest to do so. With over $6.7 billion of legal sales of pot, the brand is already pioneering in the market and enjoying the spotlight with its magnificent collection.

Chong’s Choice is the leading, multi-territory, branded marijuana company that operates from America and all its products deserves the accolades. However, does it compare with Budderweeds?

Chong's Choice Cannabis Products

Budderweeds Cannabis Product

Budderweeds feature top grade sativa, indica and hybrid marijuana products!
  • Marijuana – Choose from the highest quality flower! All of Budderweeds flower is locally grown, only the highest quality flower is selected to provide you with maximum benefits.
  • THC Edibles– The THC Edibles comprise of activated cannabis with cannabinoid THC and this is the chemical which causes psychoactive effects in users. Unlike the CBD Edibles, you are not suggested to eat too many of THC Edibles if you have lots of planning for the day. They are quite strong because they are made out of THC virgin.
  • CBD Edibles – As the name suggest, the CBD Edibles comprise of cannabinoid which is better known as CBD and it offers multiple medical benefits like promoting relaxation and helps you to enjoy better sleep at night.
  • Concentrates – The concentrates are the cannabis product which is made out of cannabis plant and the product is processed to keep the THC and CBD and the remaining residue is extracted or removed. This makes Budderweeds concentrates super potent, such as our famed THC Distillate.

    Chong’s Choice Cannabis Products

  • Chong’s Choice Pre Roll – Each pre roll is designed using .75 grams of strains and they are good for joint issues. It comes in sex packs with equates to 3.75 grams for each pack. The tubes are airtight and sealed and this ensures to retain the freshness and quality of the strains. It packs the finest flowers which are sourced from the local farms and they are handpicked. It is high in THC and the pre roll promises a fast hitting and potent stone which would last for hours.
  • Flowers – Chong’s Choice specializes in selling the delectable buds in the glass jars and they are handpicked from the finest strains and hence they are high in quality as they are sourced from the organically grown marijuana. Oil Cartridges – The Oil Cartridges from Chong’s Choice come with the charger and the battery and it is designed using the latest CO2 extraction technology. These oil cartridges comprise high concentrated THC oil which taste naturally and offers quick results.
  • THC Strips – THC Strips by Chong’s Choice have become quite popular because it is the new way of consuming cannabis. Rather than infusing few drops of oils, now you are required to infuse breath strip in mouth and allow the mucus membrane to absorb the THC.
  • Where to Buy BudderWeeds in Canada?

    In Canada, selling cannabis and related products are legalized and you will find many licensed dispensaries across Canada like Ontario Cannabis Store, Alberta Cannabis and BC Cannabis Stores from where you can make the purchase of right cannabis products legally. Not all dispensaries are authorized to sell the Chong’s Choice BudderWeeds, so ensure that they are licensed for selling the cannabis products and the Chong’s Choice product lines.

    Where to Buy BudderWeeds in USA?

    Now Americans can also enjoy the product line-up of Chong’s Choice because there are licensed and authorized dispensaries in California region from where the BudderWeeds and other cannabis products can be purchased. Some of the cities in California from where you can make the purchase are:
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • Irvine
  • Oakland
  • Fresno
  • Where to Buy Chong’s Choice?

    The product line of Chong’s Choice can be purchased directly from the official website. They have their own official website and store from where you can make the purchase for all the product lines as per your choice legally. Conclusion!

    All cannabis products are made from handpicked and organically sourced marijuana and highly natural buds. You can make your purchase online now by visiting the website.

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